25 Most Cliche Things People in Their Mid-Twenties Do


1. Watch a lot of Netflix

2. Have an familial relationship with the people who work at our local Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, and/or bar within walking distance of our apartment

3. Complain about how pointless Tinder is while avidly using Tinder

4. Complain about how we can no longer drink copious amounts of alcohol without getting hungover

5. Buy a lot of local beer and/or wine that honestly taste the same as the $8 dollar stuff but that you feel obligated to try because – you know, maturity.

6. Post tweets or status about how crazy the new crop of twenty somethings are, when really we were just as bad and we actually miss those days more than you think

7. Talk about Grad school

8. Spend money like we have more of it than we do

9. Make a big deal about how much more cultured we are since traveling overseas

10. Title drop the deep books we’re reading in social conversations, because we read for knowledge AND fun now, aren’t we cool.

11. Vow to start sending “Thank-you” cards to people.

12. Reference how much better our childhood was in the 90’s, before iPads and shit.

13. Give our slightly younger siblings advice as if we’re suddenly so much older & wiser than them

14. Feel guilty about not spending more time with our parents while actively avoiding spending more time with our parents

15. Have really aggressive opinions on when other people get married or start families

16. Read too many of these list but then pretend we’re really above it all

17. Judge ourselves for how little or how much we’re “hooking-up” with people

18. Justify some of still existing bad behavior by jumping on the #YOLO or #TurnDownForWhat bandwagon.

19. Buy plants for our apartments. It seems like the best thing to do but let’s be honest – we can’t take care of plants yet.

20. Whine about how we work too much – just admit you actually like checking your work email when you’re not at work, you’re not fooling anyone.

21. Feel obligated to have some sort direction in our lives

22. Make people in relationships at this age feel like they’re cheating themselves out of some sort of “single in ours 20’s” life experience

23. Talk a lot about how we prefer to stay in on Friday nights

24. Buy Groupons that we know we’ll never use

25. Give ourselves a hard time about sometimes par taking in the items mentioned above, when we are literally at the half way mark of the most exhausting decade of our lives. We should stop being so hard on ourselves and just say “fuck it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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