10 Dead Giveaways That The Guy You’re Texting Isn’t Interested In You

He's Just Not That Into You
He’s Just Not That Into You

1. He’s asked if you’ll to add him on Snapchat

Is there a better indication that a guy is just looking to sext you up than the good ole Snapchat add? Because you know whats a foundation to a good relationship, 10 second memories of how good you look in a thong.

2. There’s ample mentioning of how you two are “friends”.

Guys who want to be with you will never draw attention to the fact that your friends because they dont to stay in the friend zone. Guys who are looking for the all elusive friends with benefits” will gladly highlight that the friends part of the equation is already accomplished.

3. You’re everything but your name.

Youre cutie, sexy,” and gorgeous,but youve never seen a text with you name firmly attached to it and you suspect youre probably under his phone as T & A (tits & ass). Honestly its because hes so busy trying to get into so many girl pants — its easier to just call you all the same thing. But in his mind, its these small signs of bare minimum affection thatll seal the deal when it comes down to giving him what he wants.

4. Everything is vague

Youve asked enough questions. Sometimes you wonder how over the span of a few days you could have asked so much while receiving so little information. You still have yet to find out exactly what his story is, where he lives, what he does, the kind of stuff hes into, really any concrete details have been skirted as if he was on trial for murder. Crazier still, if he spent all that time not talking about himself and definitely not talking about you, what the fuck have you been texting back and fourth about?!

5. His favorite question to ask you is “are you home?”

Not how your day was, how well you slept last night, the projects you’re working on, and God forbid anything to do with feelings, but you can predict like clockwork when hell ask you the obligatory what are you doing, are you at home?Itll be sometime around dusk, itll involve a few flirty texts as a lead in, and you will fall for it every time. If hes careful, hell sense when this pattern is starting to wane on you and will throw in some feigned interest to keep this going a bit longer. 

6. Two words – “drunk text”.

Because he barely keeps it under control when hes texting you sober, drunk texting is just the next logical step. This way he can ask you for all the things hes been thinking of asking you under the guise of being belligerent. This goes doubly if hes striking out at all the bars with girls who can visibly see hes a piece of shit. 

7. He’s in no hurry to make plans with you.

Doesnt matter if you live in the same city of halfway across the country, the chances of you two actually hanging out are pretty slim to none. He hasnt brought it up and when he does it’s because hes saying God, I cant wait to *insert totally gross sexual act you are NOT into here* next time I see you. Charming. 

8. There’s a heavy use of the “winky face” emoji.

When women wink its sexy & flirty, when guys wink its just creepy. Its even creeper if its in text form because odds are its either preceding or directly following a sexual innuendo. Other emojis that are dead giveaways to the level of douche youre dealing with include the kiss face one, and the one with hearts in its eyes. Just no. 

9. His terminology

If he uses the word clingy to describe you or any other girl in his life, hes not looking for anything but a free pass to 3rd base. Ditto for the words drama, crazy, or any use of the phraseIm not sure. Guys who are trying to impress you wont use words with negative connotations unless youre talking face to face, its that simple. 

10. He’s never called you.

Your friends have said it, your mom has said it, and youve even begrudgingly asked your guy friends; the one dead giveaway that this is just a glorified sexting relationship (and isn’t anything else) is that he hasnt picked up the phone to call you for any reason at all. Men that want to date you, that want to more than just text you, that value your friendship even a little can easily dial your number even if its just to say hello. Everyone else, maybe not so much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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