10 Small Upsides To Being Mentally Depressed

There’s no shortage of downsides to being mentally depressed or even suicidal, but there are some positives that come with the social stigma of being emotionally distressed:

10. Your skin looks amazing thanks to all the excess sleep you’re now getting.

9. Facebook becomes less agitating and more obsolete because you just simply don’t give a fuck about what everyone else is doing anymore.

8.  No one judges you for listening too loudly to every pop break-up song and screeching Emo rock band because that’s what these songs were made for. Hello complete set of Kelly Clarkson on iTunes Essentials.

7. Everyone encourages you to drink and eat more because surely food and alcohol can fill that giant hole in the center of your well being.

6.  Your parents actually have to take you seriously because you’re two phone calls away from being “so and so’s poor kid” that all the neighbors are talking about.

5. You don’t have to make lame excuses for flaking on girls night out this weekend because no one expects you to want to go out anyway. Great, because you were running out of reasons why you’d rather stay in and watch the full season of True Detective instead of standing endlessly in line for $12 Jager shots.

4. Free region to look like a hot mess and let your eyebrows become fully formed caterpillars on your face because, what’s the point anyway?  Bring on the messy buns and sweats.

3. You find that people are too worried about you to even let you do errands alone in the event that you go complete crazy in public and end up on the nightly news all because Target no longer stocks your favorite shampoo & conditioner.

2. Your text, email and Facebook timeline are all filled with words of encouragement, inspirational memes, and support from all your friends and family daily.

1. People are genuinely invested in helping you and you are more in touch with your feelings than ever before because everyone is constantly asking you “how you feel”, in efforts to truly help you before you spin wildly out of control. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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