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The Ultimate Gift Gide For The Girl Who Is Really Good At Instagram

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Twenty20 / ldasmaria
Twenty20 / ldasmaria

These headphones.


So she can pose them, just-so, next to her Macbook (because it’s never, ever a PC), or whatever book she happens to be pretending to read. This should also be accompanied by a coffee-based drink – which brings us to our next item.

A gift card to an upscale coffee shop.

Not Starbucks, because that shit is way too mainstream and not aesthetically-pleasing enough, but she will definitely need coffee money. Half of her income generally goes into cute, cozy drinks.

Dyptique candles.


To never burn, because they are too precious and expensive. (Or to burn, and then use as storage for her makeup brushes or q tips.)

A few succulents in adorable, tiny pots.

Because the easiest way to take a scene from “afternoon in my boring living room,” to “vaguely earthy, Kinfolk magazine-esque minimalist perfection” is a few succulents, randomly scattered around.

White bedsheets

Because everything looks more chic against white sheets, particularly hotdog legs.

Extremely twee mugs

Etsy / ThatMugShot
Etsy / ThatMugShot

And it’s okay if these are based on pop culture ephemera, because her collection of adorable mugs is constantly rotating and upgrading. She has a mug with a quote written in script for basically every day of the year.

Fancy alcohol.

But she’ll never drink it, because it is either a) sitting in a place of prominence in her perfectly-appointed bar cart, or b) being used as décor somewhere randomly in her apartment. Actually, the only case in which she will drink it is if she wants it to serve as a vase for a single flower.

Screenprinted canvas totes.

Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

To make sure that she is always at her most adorable and eco-effortless, particularly when she’s browsing the parsnip collection at her local farmer’s market, or buying a bundle of lavender to use for her cocktails.

Adorable notepads


Because her lists must be recorded on paper with gold stripes, or not recorded at all.

Bright neon workout shoes.


Whether or not they actually get worked out in is one thing, but they always must be there for the arial shot of her feet with earbuds, a water bottle, and a little towel. No #fitspo is complete without the neon workout shoes.

The Naked Palette.


So all of her neutral smoky eyes can be untouchable, and she can also casually throw the palette itself into pictures so everyone knows she spends 60 dollars on eyeshadow.

Chunky knit scarves.

At least one in each of the core colors – heather grey, cream, navy, black.

White paint.

Because at least ¾ of her furniture needs to be white. It provides the perfect background for photos, yes, but it also lends that “airy” quality to her photos, which is the ultimate currency that Instagram Girls trade in.

Minimalist gold jewelry.

So she can have a thread-thin gold ring on her upper finger, a tiny cat charm necklace around her neck, and a single, barely-noticeable gold bangle.

A boyfriend to photograph it all.

He doesn’t have a name, personality, or job. He is her Photographer Boyfriend (possibly to be upgraded to Photographer Husband), and the only joy he knows in life is to take 300 photos of her wearing her new boots against a brick wall. TC mark

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