21 Privileges That We All Need To Be Checking More Often

1. Air conditioning, and the fact that you can get up and change it every so often because you’re a little too cold, and then you realize that why am I wearing a cardigan and occasionally shivering while it is 85 degrees outside? And then you get hot and change it back again.

2. Clean sheets on a a nice bed, where you can kind of spread out and roll back and forth and get as much skin-to-sheet contact as possible, because there is nothing like clean, fresh sheets to make you feel wonderfully cool and warm at the same time.

3. A freezer full of ice cubes, which enables you to fill a glass with so much ice that you’re not really drinking, so much as sipping a bit of the liquid that is coating the cubes.

4. A job where you can Gchat to complain to friends/coworkers and generally not lose your sanity over the course of the workday.

5. Enough attractiveness that even though you’re not an undeniable 10, and you certainly aren’t going into modeling any time soon, you at least can pull it together and pass for “pretty good-looking” when you need to.

6. Morning coffee, just the way you take it, enjoyed one of two ways: While sitting at your desk, lazily scrolling through email and completing menial tasks while you wake up and slowly get your brain working for the day, or while sitting at home on a late weekend morning, figuring out what you’re going to do that day without feeling particularly obligated to do anything at all.

7. Going to the doctor for something not-so-serious, which you know is a temporary frustration that can be easily cured with a little bit of medicine.

8. Knowing that the trip to the doctor won’t mean your financial ruin, even if the co-pay sucks.

9. The incomparable feeling of wandering around, looking for a restaurant, with nowhere special in mind, and no rush on choosing something. You just look in the windows of places, read menus, and lazily think about where you want to have a great meal.

10. Loving a song, hearing it playing in the background while you’re walking around a store, and immediately being able to look it up and save it for whenever you want to hear it again.

11. A closet that you can just kind of stand in front of for a while, much like you do your refrigerator, wondering what kind of outfit you want to wear and, by extension, what kind of person you want to be today.

12. Different sets of friends for different occasions, all of whom have their own distinct language of memories, inside jokes, and incredibly juvenile humor.

13. The feeling of a full refrigerator, that perfect, crisp representation of not only financial success, but the kind of maturity that pushes you to buy not just what you need for tonight’s meal, but an entire week’s worth of as-yet-undetermined meals.

14. A favorite coffee shop where the baristas know who you are, cut to the chase, and give you the perfect drink every time (along with a little bit of Mindless Morning Conversation).

15. A text to your mom or dad when everything is going wrong and you need to be reminded that not only are there people who love you enormously, but who also love you for who you actually are.

16. Wine, both with friends and alone, in your pajamas, watching Netflix.

17. Social networks that allow you to keep in touch with all of your friends that you should have lost touch with, but whom you can now see go through all of their expensive life milestones via non-stop pictures. (Giggling at their themed engagement photo shoots is a privilege, not a human right.)

18. The perfect sweater that you kept from an old relationship because it always looked better on you anyway, and it’s the most comfortable thing you can put on when it’s cold and you feel gross.

19. Friends who will tell you when something you are doing is not cute. (They prevented you from shaving part of your head, and for that, you will be forever in their debt.)

20. The ability to just say “fuck it” and order in Seamless when you don’t feel like cooking.

21. Going to bed in your own home, messing around on your smartphone, and knowing that whatever is happening, it can all be dealt with tomorrow. 10:30 PM on a Tuesday is for looking around Instagram and being jealous of your friends who are currently on vacation — they’re the ones who are truly privileged. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan founded the blog The Financial Diet. She is on Twitter.

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