25 Websites And What They Should Actually Be Called

1. Google: Typing Two Words And Being Auto-Completed With Racism

2. Instagram: Where Beautiful Girls Who Might Be High-Class Escorts Take Pictures Of Their Fruit Salads

3. Tumblr: Hardcore Fandom Porn And Condescending Power Point Shows About Asexuality

4. Huffington Post: Heartwarming News Stories And Pictures Of Selena Gomez’s Cameltoe

5. Twitter: Where Corporations Go To Run Memes Into The Ground

6. BuzzFeed: The Coloring Book Of The Internet

7. Myspace: The Cringeworthy Guy You Dated In High School

8. Yahoo: Replacing Being A Functional Search Engine With Purchasing Superior Websites

9. Gawker: In-Depth Journalism Subsidized By The Front Page Of Reddit

10. AOL: Still Planning To Cash In On My 7 Trillion Free CD-Rom Hours

11. Cracked: The Thinking Man’s Listicle

12. Facebook: Finding Out People From High School Are Pregnant 3.5 Times A Day

13. Pinterest: Feeling Like You’ve Somehow Gotten Your Shit Together By Creating An Imaginary Version Of Your Bedroom

14. VICE: The American Apparel Of News

15. Modcloth: Log On Even Once, And Receive Our Irritating Emails For The Rest Of Your Life

16. Jezebel: Why This Yogurt Commercial You’ve Never Heard Of Is THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD

17. Petfinder: Lol You Can’t Even Keep A Plant Alive, Stop It

18. Livejournal: Elephant Graveyard For All Your Embarrassing 15-Year-Old Emotions, Expressed In Fall Out Boy Lyrics

19. Thought Catalog: 24-Year-Olds Giving Hard-Hitting Life Advice To 23-Year-Olds

20. The Daily Mail: Definitive Proof That Brits Can Never Get On Americans For Being Trashy

21. Upworthy: Teaching Your Aunt Kathy About Foreign Policy

22. XOJane: Tumblr With Freelancers

23. Etsy: Where Girls With Bettie Page Bangs Go To Macrame Their Feelings

24. The Sartorialist: It’s Not Models! Just Impossibly Tall, Thin People Smoking Cigarettes And Wearing Shirts That Cost 2,000 Dollars

25. Bing: :( Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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