Tell Us The Best Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard

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We’ve all had the experience of trying to meet someone in a bar. We get drinks offered to us, or we try to buy them for someone else, or we simply try to break into a conversation without looking like a crazy person. That’s why we’re looking forward to ABC’s new show Mixology, a series that takes place entirely in a bar and actually shows what it’s like to try and find love amongst the spilled mojitos and loud music.

And the best way that most of us have to open a conversation is with a pickup line (an idea that has, let’s be honest, become more of a joke than anything else). But occasionally, there are the pickup lines that are more than just some corny thing about falling from heaven. They actually succeed in opening up a real conversation, and maybe even falling in love.

So what, for you, is the best opening line that you’ve ever seen?

Something that made the person laugh, smile, or at least just not feel like they were being hit on by a joke book?

Submit your lines to us here with the headline “BEST PICKUP LINE,” and we’ll pick the best ones for publication on Thought Catalog. Let “The Game” begin! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


One Bar. One Night. Ten Singles. Watch the Series Premiere of Mixology Wednesday, February 26th 9:30|8:30c on ABC!


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