21 Signs You And Your BFF Are The Ugly Stepsisters


1. You are highly attracted to dresses that you absolutely know on some level are whack/ugly but can’t help loving.

2. Whenever you see the really beautiful, perfect girl, both of you just retreat into a state of bitter-as-hell tittering amongst yourselves.

3. Your feet are way too big and wonky for the cute shoes that you want.

4. Every time you try to take a “going out” selfie, one of you looks completely busted and you have to redo it again.

5. You go to karaoke together and sing your heart out in perfect (if completely off-key) unison.

6. Unlike the “cheerleader effect” of a bunch of hot girls making each other look hotter, you magically make one another less approachable.

7. Nothing sends you into a rage quite like some girl from high school/college getting engaged and posting about it on Facebook.

8. You make fun of Pinterest as much as some people love Pinterest.

9. Even though you would never admit it, you absolutely relish in certain breakups and have to physically restrain yourself from not saying “I told you so.”

10. You both often have crushes on the same guy, and it turns into the relationship version of The Hunger Games.

11. You never get hit on when you go out together because you’re in the corner making fun of every guy in the bar.

12. (Then, when they finally do talk to you, you offend them by cackling over some weird inside joke with your friend, and are still mildly surprised/sad when they walk away.)

13. There is a certain joy that the two of you share when the mean people from school have ended up getting married at 22 and posting statuses about watching The Biggest Loser and/or being #blessed.

14. You are constantly GChatting/Facebook chatting about people’s misguided baby bump photoshoots.

15. You frequently say “she’s not even that hot” about girls who are completely, objectively, sizzlingly hot.

16. Manicure and primping dates are a frequent outing for the two of you, which often devolve into gossip dates.

17. Stealing one another’s clothes is completely normal, and returning them is completely optional. (And any time one of your items goes missing, you know exactly where it is.)

18. You identify with Carrie Bradshaw.

19. In order to make yourself feel better about lovely girls getting the perfect guy, you tell each other that it’s because she has “no personality.” (Umm, she does have a personality, it’s just not evil enough for your tastes.)

20. Your voice has a distinctly cackly quality to it when you’re saying something not-nice.

21. You are constantly helping one another over-analyze the perfect, soul-bearing text to send to a crush, even though you both know that they’re just going to reply with “lol yea.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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