11 Insanely Disturbing Russian Dash Cam Videos That Will Make You Never Want To Drive Again

We need to talk about Russia for a second, you guys. It appears that everyone in this socially-conservative snowglobe of a country has strapped a Go Pro to themselves and gone completely insane, promptly uploading the results to YouTube for our enjoyment. What is the purpose of this? Aside from preventing insurance fraud, are there any other reasons to be recording what appear to be their incredibly frequent and violent auto accidents? I need answers, and all I have are questions, in the form of these unbelievable videos.

1. This motorcycle crash caught from THREE ANGLES.


What could that guy possibly have been doing when crossing into oncoming traffic like that??? Please tell me this was alcohol or Krokodil, because this cannot be the vehicular behavior of a sober person.

2. This old man stopping a bus with a with an AK47.


As much as I wish this was my grandfather, I also need to talk about what he was actually planning to do if that bus did not stop? And did he get into any kind of trouble with the law for this, or is this how you flag down public transportation in Russia?

3. These spilled cows.


Babies! No! Why was that truck trying to turn in the middle of the road?!?! You did not deserve this, cows!

4. The guy being way too chill for the meteor.

This video is funny, yes, but let’s all be honest and admit that we would not want to actually share a road with this man. Serge has no time for meteors, and certainly has no time to stop for crashes that he causes.

5. This absurd rear-ending.


6. This guy proving why everyone should have a dash cam.

Okay, I admit that this video does a particularly good job of illuminating why dash cams are a good investment, but it still doesn’t explain why all of the videos are so insane. Lol in general at this guy, though, who also happens to be faking the injury in the wrong leg.

7. An electrical plant EXPLODING in front of a bunch of cars.


It’s just like the meteor, except man-made, and in some ways MORE TERRIFYING.

8. Yet another car just driving into oncoming traffic for no apparent reason.


WHY DO RUSSIAN DRIVERS KEEP DOING THIS. And also, lol, Russian alt rock music is hilarious.

9. This plane crashing on a random highway.


I just… this is in the top-10 scariest things I’ve ever seen, and I don’t even know how to start addressing it. That plane tire just knocked that car into the cement barrier, and the guy on the dash cam is somehow not screaming up a lung. How.

10. TANK.


11. The world’s most dangerous intersection.

I know this isn’t technically a dash cam video, but it is still worth discussing. Who in the world designed this intersection, and was it created intentionally to thin the herd of unaware drivers? This seems less a street corner and more one of the video challenges from the Saw franchise. Charming Cockney Geico lizard, please go help Russia. They need you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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