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Watch This Incredible Acapella Cover Of Lorde’s “Royals” That Might Even Be Better Than The Original

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I have never been so tormented by a song. I LOVE Lorde. But I also LOVE Pentatonix, and they absolutely crush every song they ever cover (often, I prefer their version over the original). They just may be the greatest thing to come from a televised talent competition since Kelly Clarkson, and I would never say that lightly, as Kelly Clarkson is a goddess.

My heart is entirely torn between the two, and while the ultimate respect while always have to go to the amazing original, I may actually be a little more infatuated with this acapella version right now. Somehow it manages to keep that clean, minimal feel while adding a significant amount of flourish — it’s just too good. I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself. TC mark

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