This Epic Disney Medley Will Make You Feel Like You’re 6 Years Old Again

I feel that I’ve probably stressed it enough over the past few years here, but I love Disney. I love it so much that my whole body nearly goes into convulsions when the YouTube Gods bless me with another performance, medley, or behind-the-scenes look that will give a fresh new perspective on the movies and songs I’ve listened to literally in the thousands of times by now.

This duet — by singers Peter Hollens and AlexG — does not disappoint. Let’s all just take a minute to appreciate the craftsmanship and effort that was put into making this, because it’s seriously freaking impressive. (Also, the Beauty and the Beast scene was just about too cute for words.) Enjoy, and get ready for your inner seven-year-old to freak out a little bit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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