23 Signs You Are Still Not Over ‘Sex And The City’

1. You still think about what character you are from time to time, and have come to terms with the fact that you may, in fact, be a Miranda, when all you want is to be a Charlotte.

2. You wish that you could go back in time and erase the abomination that was Sex and the City 2, because that whole 2.5-hour monstrosity was just like punching something you loved for years repeatedly in the face while you watched.

3. And even though you know that second movie was so indefensible from so many angles, you still occasionally try to limply defend it because you just love them all so much.

4. You still can’t believe they actually paired Stanford and Anthony together, as they are by far the most nonsensical couple in the history of television, and were clearly default set up because they were the two gay characters.

5. You still sometimes see Roger Sterling as the politician who wanted to be peed on by Carrie.

6. You will always harbor a slight resentment for any character that Ron Livingston plays because, come on, Berger was such a colossal asshole. It kind of even ruins Office Space for you.

7. Whenever people try to say that Girls is the “new Sex and the City,” you roll your eyes into another dimension.

8. Part of you will always stay a little sad in your heartspace because of how terrible Carrie was to Aiden, despite how amazing he was. You’re just going to pretend that the second movie never happened, because let’s be honest, Aiden would have never done that.

9. On multiple occasions, you have binge-watched an entire season of the show simply because there was nothing better to do, and you had a glass (bottle) of wine to kill.

10. You have forced a boyfriend to watch it with you, and you’re not even sorry.

11. You will never be able to see Sarah Jessica Parker as any other character, even in the stuff that she did before the show.

12. When you meet someone who loves the show as much as you do, you immediately go through an exchange of favorite moments that kind of starts to feel like a competition.

13. At the end of the day, you know that you are still the ultimate fan, and no one can really challenge you on that title.

14. You know that it was the right thing to do for Samantha to leave Smith Jerrod, but come on, why did she have to do it? Smith was like Aiden, but with a better personal trainer.

15. That scene where Harry proposes to Charlotte after she thinks that he’s left her for good still makes you cry in about .0013 seconds flat.

16. You are so tired of all the conversations about how Carrie funds her lifestyle. It’s a television show, she is living the dream so we can all pretend that one day we’ll live a brownstone while writing about the dudes we bone and bolstering our shoe collection.

17. Trey MacDougal having erectile dysfunction still gives you the sads.

18. The perfection that is Charlotte’s overall life has, on more than one occasion, driven you to make impulse purchases from J Crew or look up how much it would cost to get a King Charles Spaniel.

19. Even though you know it’s a totally cheesy, fictionalized version of Manhattan, it still makes you fall so in love with the city. It was a huge part of your development, and you’ll always hold those romantic images of brownstones and nightclubs and Central Park strolls in your heart.

20. At least one thing that you used to be insecure about was greatly helped by a story arc on the show.

21. You still want Anthony to plan your wedding.

22. On some level, you kind of want a mother-in-law like Bunny MacDougal, if only to get day drunk with on the veranda.

23. In many ways, the thing the show made you love the most — not the men, or the shoes, or the New York lifestyle — was deep female friendship. To this day, when you get all warm and fuzzy thinking about how something is “so Sex and the City,” it’s when you’re having awesome moments with your girlfriends. And that is something that you will never forget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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