19 Reasons To Love Sunday

1. Brunches that last a good few hours and contain at least a few tomato juice or champagne-based alcoholic beverages.

2. The kind of conversations that only happen over a slightly-hung-over brunch with friends, because you’re all just a little too achy/out of it to care about pretenses.

3. Knowing that your errands are done for the weekend and you can just sit on your ass all day and not feel guilty about it.

4. Taking long walks that go absolutely nowhere, and which allow you to just discover parts of your city you’ve never seen before.

5. Farmer’s markets, and actually getting to see the people who bring your food to the table.

6. Spending a whole afternoon reading over old letters and messages and emails with people and remembering how you felt about them at one time in your life.

7. Sitting next to the window when it’s raining and watching the drops form against the glass, only to fall in long streaks and run into other drops along the way.

8. Meeting up with someone for coffee that lasts for several hours, because you realize you are always talking during the work week when you have someplace else you need to be.

9. Spending all day preparing a meal for no reason in particular, just because it’s nice to slow-cook food and being in the kitchen is something you don’t get to do often enough.

10. Tea. Tea. And then some more tea, but mostly just tea.

11. Spending the day outside with friends, slow-cooking stuff on the barbecue and watching the sun move across the sky with a beer sweating in your hand.

12. Sleeping until way too late, and then still being tired enough for a nap (which you don’t even feel guilty about taking).

13. Calling someone and spending the whole day just listening to them talk, remembering how much you missed hearing their voice.

14. Watching a marathon of your biggest guilty-pleasure show while eating snacks in bed and not even being remotely aware of what time it is.

15. Making a batch of cookies for yourself, and eating them while they’re still warm.

16. Laying out in the sun all day and reading a whole book, which is something you do so rarely you forgot that you are able to finish it in one sitting if you don’t have anything else to do.

17. Dedicating a whole afternoon to really cleaning your apartment, the kind of cleaning which you don’t often do but which always makes you feel like a much better person when it’s done. (The kind where you just sit back and admire how clean and fresh and organized everything feels.)

18. A glass of wine by yourself while watching a movie near an open window.

19. The feeling you get when you realize that, yes, you’ll have to go back to real life tomorrow, but you still have a whole day ahead of you that is exactly what you want it to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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