24 Awesome Things That Have Nothing To Do With Love

1. Going to a concert with one of your favorite artists and finding that the crowd is really chill, enabling you to meet cool people throghout the show and not have to deal with drunken assholes ruining everyone’s good time.

2. Finding a song you love so much that you play it all the time and get sick of it, only to forget about it for a while and then come back to it like a hidden treasure nestled in the recesses of your iTunes.

3. Maintaining enough self-control throughout the day to save up a really big appetite when going out to your favorite restaurant that night. And then, of course, pigging out.

4. Decorating a wall perfectly with photos, tapestries, paitings, or a coat of great paint. Realizing how much more pleasant and home-y even the most generic apartment can become with a few personal touches on the wall.

5. Making a big dinner for all of your friends and having a great conversation late into the night with a few oversized glasses of red wine.

6. Laughing at yourselves in the mirror when you realize you all have purple teeth and gums and look like weird wine demons from some Guillermo del Toro film.

7. Watching it rain from your window when you have nowhere to go and plenty of tea or cocoa to last all day.

8. Popping a bottle of champagne and getting suddenly quite giddy, as champagne tends to do.

9. When ‘shuffle’ magically knows all of the things you want to listen to at the right times, and makes the perfect soundtrack for your afternoon’s activities.

10. When all of the buses or subway cars arrive exactly when you need them to, and you don’t even have to wedge your way on to get a spot.

11. The moment when people bring out a cake (or some other makeshift dessert with candles in it) during your birthday party and you get all pumped up thinking about what to wish for.

12. The few seconds where you really believe that your wish is going to come true.

13. Coming into work and finding that someone has gotten breakfast for the whole office, especially on a day you had totally forgotten to eat something decent before leaving (aka most days).

14. The feeling of happy soreness you get after a particularly demanding-yet-satisfying workout.

15. Looking in the mirror and noticing definite changes in your body since you have been working on eating healthier and being more active.

16. Finding a long-lost friend over the internet and getting back in touch with them. Finding out they are just as cool as you remember them being.

17. Watching a movie you love dearly but which you haven’t seen in a very long time, and being surprised by how much of it you still remember while simultaneously finding it oddly new.

18. Seeing your little siblings succeeed and grow up. Realzing suddenly while talking to them one day that they are starting to feel like adults, and finding a whole new respect for them.

19. Watching funny videos on the internet with friends and choking on your own tears from laughing so hard.

20. Getting the perfect seat in the movie theater and not having to sit next to random strangers because the showing is overcrowded.

21. The taste of movie theater popcorn right as the previews start.

22. Having a Disney marathon for no real reason.

23. When the bartender really likes your group and gives everyone a free shot on him or her.

24. Walking home from an awesome night out with some of your best friends and feeling, as everone laughs and holds onto each other’s arms, that everything is going to be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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