19 Ways To Make Me Fall In Love With You


1. Start singing along to a Disney song with me with absolutely no shame, and know all the different parts, including all the weird one-line voices such as “Still I think he’s RATHAAA TASTY.”

2. Be really nice to old ladies while out and about, helping them with things and paying them nice compliments.

3. Understand that the point of flowers isn’t to get them exclusively at the last minute because it is a special occasion where you’re “supposed” to get them, but to offer them occasionally when you just want to show someone you care about them. (And that they aren’t only for your significant others.)

4. Know how to cook, or at least be willing to learn and try new things in the kitchen.

5. Notice when you’re out in a group and one of your friends isn’t having much fun for personal reasons, and make an effort to include them and get them more in the spirit. Even if this includes dancing like an enormous ass to that “All The Girls Standing In the Line For the Bathroom” song and/or buying a round of something fun.

6. Have no fear of crying at movies that are really, really sad (and you don’t think there’s anything “lame” or “pussy” about doing so).

7. Understand the joy that is ordering some takeout, cuddling up under a massive pile of blankets, and watching a marathon of something which doesn’t require too much intellectual work — and don’t consider this a waste of time in the least.

8. When I am sad, hold my head against your chest and just let me stay there for a little bit. Even if I’m getting your shirt all wet and gross with tears.

9. Be comfortable with all of the things society has traditionally deemed as “feminine” — have no fear of showing affection for members of the same sex, or any specific colors or kind of dress. Maybe they’re not for you, but there’s nothing about them that makes you uncomfortable or disrespectful of someone else.

10. Kiss often, and well.

11. Watch people with a look of genuine forgiveness and understanding your eyes — see the harried mother, the grumpy old man, and the rambunctious children for the complex human beings they are. Try not to judge them on first glance, and give them the leeway you would want for yourself.

12. Hold a deep love for glasses of wine and long talks that last way too far into the night, ideally underneath the stars when it is warm out.

13. Know how to keep a good fire going.

14. Go to Taco Bell at three in the morning with me and get more tacos than we would ever be able to eat, in full understanding of the importance of the Taco Bell-exclusive blue Mountain Dew which must accompany it. Never forget the Dew.

15. Be really good with children when you come in contact them, even if you’re a bit nervous or unsure if you want them yourself. Have a natural facility with them and put forth effort to make them feel comfortable and happy.

16. Deeply enjoy going to see well-made kid’s movies in the theaters.

17. Share the popcorn.

18. Tell me how you feel honestly, even if it’s a difficult conversation to have and you’re unsure about how I’m going to respond. Don’t couch your emotions in guessing games and battles of will. Be the person who, no matter what happens, you know is being honest with you.

19. Text me good morning, and be liberal with your use of emoticons. Life is short. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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