A List Of Things More Horrifying Than John Travolta’s Hair

Aside from the general absurdity that is Travolta’s new music video (?) and original song (?) with his Grease partner Olivia Newton John, its premiere yesterday was an opportunity to catch up on the utter hilarity that is Johnny’s black-felt-carpet-sample-glued-onto-his-head that he ostensibly refers to as “hair.”

Here, a list of things which edge it out slightly in the “horrifying” column:

  • Genocide
  • Hitler
  • Facing one’s own imminent demise
  • Rock-hard fake breasts resting atop a fully-visible ribcage
  • Hitler
  • A lost child crying out for its mother
  • Losing a loved one
  • Frosted lip gloss
  • Dooney and Burke purses
  • The guillotine
  • Child soldiers
  • Hitler

The jury remains undecided on “the screams of the innocent.” We’d have to get more context about the screams. TC mark


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