29 Things To Avoid In A Boyfriend


1. He frequently says things about women as a whole that are extremely disparaging, while referring to you as the shining exception, i.e. “So glad you’re not a crazy bitch like most girls.”

2. When you screw up, he will then put you in the camp with “the rest” of women and remind you that you are no different and share the same universal flaws.

3. He thinks that going down on women is gross.

4. He also thinks that going down on men is so expected as to go without saying.

5. He frequently tells you to do things like “go make [him] a sandwich” or “get back into the kitchen,” especially around his friends.

6. He refers to things other than homosexual couples as being “gay.”

7. He makes near-endless fun of your taste in music, movies, and television.

8. He doesn’t read.

9. When you tell him about something you’re really passionate about, you get the distinct feeling that he is pretending to listen so as to placate you until he can get either sex or his turn to speak.

10. He is a cheater, whether emotional or physical.

11. He says incredibly negative things about his ex, at length, without being prompted. (If he is so quick to shame this ex after their breakup, what do you think he’ll do when you two part ways?)

12. He thinks that everything porn has taught him about sexuality and what women like is 100 percent accurate, and will become frustrated/exasperated if you try to communicate with him that you prefer something different.

13. He makes fun of you for not being immediately good at or knowledgeable in the things he enjoys, such as sports or video games.

14. He makes fun of what he perceives to be “nerd girls,” or women he believes are only feigning interests in “male” interests to win men’s affection and approval.

15. He defends Violentacrez.

16. He is already dating someone at the time of meeting you and takes a significant amount of time between confessing his feelings to you and actually showing his current girlfriend enough respect to leave her.

17. He peppers you with questions about your sexual history and then makes casually judgmental commentary about your “number,” no matter where on the scale it may fall.

18. Because of his attitude towards things like this, he makes you nervous about divulging too much about yourself, as you don’t want him to think less of you.

19. You avoid being naked around him in harsh lighting, as he has a tendency to pick on your body or give the general impression that he is not very attracted to it.

20. He openly oggles or flirts with other women in front of you, even when he knows it makes you uncomfortable.

21. He believes that a woman should orgasm solely from 30-ish seconds of fast-paced vaginal intercourse.

22. He pressures you to do something — anything — sexually that you are not comfortable with, especially under the guise that it’s something “every” girl is “supposed” to do, or that you would do it if you “really” loved him.

23. He refuses to dance, or even try.

24. He won’t hang out with you and your girlfriends from time to time because he doesn’t like doing “girly shit.”

25. He has friends who make you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome when you go out with them, and don’t seem to have a lot of respect for you as a person.

26. He insults you by by making fun of you physically.

27. He doesn’t support your personal endeavors and dreams, and even goes so far as to convince you that they are not feasible or that you are not good enough to accomplish them.

28. He doesn’t see what’s “so bad” about people like Charlie Sheen, or Sean Penn, or Chris Brown.

29. He makes you constantly contemplate leaving him, but ultimately stay because you imagine that if you just love him “enough,” he will become a better person — one who loves you more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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