19 Status Updates You Will See About Kate & Will’s Baby

19 Status Updates You Will See About Kate & Will's Baby


2. “She is going to make the most beautiful mother, she is really a wonderful person inside and out, I am just so happy for all of this.”

3. “First she’s flopping her titties out for the world to see and now she wants to be a mom? #GetItTogether”

4. “She is gonna get sooooooo fat.”

5. “If only this was going to bring Will’s hair back. :(”

6. “I really feel like we have more important things as a society to worry about than the mundane goings-on of a couple who is literally millions of times more wealthy than most of the world’s population will ever be for doing absolutely nothing of function.”

7. “They are so important to Britain’s tourism!! Don’t forget that!!”

8. “Umm so apparently that famous British couple is going to have a baby now? I guess I’m supposed to really care about this for some inexplicable reason?”

9. “Oh great, yet another celebrity baby that everyone is going to obsess over and completely ruin the chance for it to have a semi-normal life not plagued by drug and alcohol addiction.”

10. “OMG this is so exciting I <3 England. #RoyalLove" (This will most likely come from the person who tends to be impressed with literally anything that features a British accent.)

11. "Fuck England."

12. "[Insert meme of the Queen looking old and saying something crabby about how she used to own countries and now she's going to have to change diapers again, or something along those lines.]"

13. "Can't wait to see Kate's maternity clothes! If only we could all get custom made peacoats to accomany our bumps! <3"

14. "Everyone please shut the fuck up about this stupid baby already, no one cares."

15. "[Article speculating on everything from the location of conception, to the potential names, to how jealous Pippa Middleton is now because SHE'S GOING TO DIE A LONELY HARPY JUST HER, HER CATS, AND HER FLAWLESS ASS.]"

16. "#TeamPippa lol."

17. "Oh wow so surprising the couple who literally gets paid to look good in public together now are having a baby that will make more money as a fetus than any of us will in our lifetimes. How shocking. /sarcasm”

18. “I hope it’s a girl so it can wear pretty princess dresses!! :)”

19. “Whatever, Harry is the hot one anyway.”


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