23 Things That Tumblr Thinks Make You “Special” And “Unique”

1. Drinking tea, enjoying drinking tea, and talking about how much you enjoy drinking tea.

2. Watching BBC shows, and talking about how all American television shows couldn’t possibly compete with said British shows, and getting murderously angry when you find out America is remaking one of said British shows.

3. Enjoying curling up in blankets and being warm while there is adverse weather outside.

4. Reading comic books.

5. Analyzing your favorite movies/television shows to the point where they literally no longer make any sense.

6. Throwing your panties at Tom Hiddleston.

7. Feeling extreme emotional attachment to Loki, only partly because Loki is played by someone as hot and dapper (and, lest we forget, British) as Tom Hiddleston.

8. Loving cats.

9. Feeling a strong emotional/spiritual connection with aforementioned cats, to an extent that you imagine other people could never experience, mostly because cats openly hate other people, just like you do.

10. Getting way, way too into fandoms and getting into actual, literal arguments with other real human beings that potentially last for days over said fandoms that have no actual bearing in real life.

11. Enjoying gay porn.

12. Creating gay porn, and thinking yourself something of a connoisseur of gay porn.

13. Not understanding the irony in purporting to be one of the most LGBT-friendly websites on the internet and simultaneously fetishizing male homosexuality to the point that any two famous men in a room together for more than 10 minutes are automatically “sOoOoooOOo totes in love!!!” and you often discuss wishing your unborn son turns out to be gay to facilitate shopping excursions.

14. Not enjoying being around other people all the time and often feeling anxious when put on the spot in social situations.

15. Being uninterested in typical “girly” things, such as fashion, makeup, hair, or shopping.

16. Knowing who Bell Hooks is.

17. Responding to things with sassy GIFs instead of actual words.

18. Identifying with the villains in stories instead of the heroes, particularly if they are tortured souls with difficult family backgrounds.

19. Eating Japanese food, particularly ramen and mochi.

20. Hiding the fact that you are still an enormous weeaboo by trying to make yourself more of a stealth, cultured weeaboo.

21. Sleeping on your bed next to your laptop, where it is heavily implied that a significant other would normally be.

22. Reading books.

23. Not having a boyfriend or girlfriend and referring to how incredibly unlovable and unlike other people you are (this “unlike other people” is of course manifested in posts which accrue upwards of 50,000 notes). We are all such Special Snowflakes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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