Discussion: Who Is The Ultimate Diva?

If you’re anything like me and my friends, debates over who is the greatest Diva can rage like wildfire throughout an otherwise chill party. There’s Team Mariah, who is willing to overlook her Xanaxed-out Cribs episode and odd marriage to Nick Cannon. There’s Team Whitney, who will always hate Bobby more than a little bit for clipping her wings. There’s Team Celine, who is perfect and flawless in every way. (Okay, and we also forgive the inherent creepiness of her marriage to her manager who discovered her when she was 12 and he was like, 60.) You have all the followers of demigods like Britney and Beyonce, who believe that they deserve a place in the hallowed halls of Diva Manor. Then, of course, you have the Classic Divas, like Aretha or Barbara or Tina.

But what makes a true Diva? Is it more about pure singing ability or stage presence? And which of the newer stars should be let into the ranks of Diva-dom? (Please not Christina Aguilera, please no.) Above all, though, who is the Queen Diva — the One Diva To Rule Them All — and why?

image – VH1 Divas Live

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