Discussion: Which Drugs Are “Acceptable” And Which Drugs Are “Real Drugs”?


It’s a pretty safe bet that most people reading this have taken a drug at some point or another. Whether it was a puff or two off a joint that one time at a house party, the adderall you might not actually have had a prescription for during finals, or a serious ecstasy habit that went swimmingly with your love of house music — drugs are everywhere. And we all have our own relationship with them, our own limits and boundaries as to what we consider to be “just having some innocent fun” and “serious drugs.” Like, if a friend were to confess to you that they went on a meth bender for a few days last week, you would probably more than a little concerned. (As someone who has walked in on a group of people doing meth, I can safely say that is amongst the less “party-looking” drug rituals out there.)

But on the other hand, if you confess to never having even tried weed, people are usually going to give you the general response of “Never? Not even once? And you’re not even curious!?” or something of the like. But between the two, where are the limits set? Do you stop at hallucinogens? Things that are natural, instead of man-made? Or is it more about the frequency and context of the use? Is MDMA okay every once in a while — only at parties? What about coke? Where do we set our personal limits about drug use (for ourselves and for those we associate with and care about), and why? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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