Song Titles From Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger’s Wedding Album

Canada’s Golden Couple is taking the headlines by storm — Nickelback Guy and Skater Girl are officially engaged, and we can only guess that the next step is going to be the Greatest Light Rock Album To Ever Grace Your Dentist’s Waiting Room. Here, a few of the titles we can most likely look forward to.

Just Country Enough To Get the Red States

Yes, I Was Married To the Guy From Sum 41

Admit It, You Enjoy the Song “Rockstar,” At Least A Little Bit

So Canadian It Physically Hurts To Look At

PG-Rated Rebellion

Oh, Man, Are You Going To Make Fun of This On Facebook

Three Doors Down Are Our Wedding Party

All My High School Friends Cook Meth Now

The Hot Topic Frequent-Buyer Card

Hating Our Music Has Paid For Several Music Writers’ First Houses

I Enjoy the Taste of Michelob Ultra

The Spray Cheese of Music Power Couples

Riding The Success of “Let Go” Into 2030

This Wedding Is Sponsored By Funyuns and Mountain Dew

“I’m Running Away, Mom and Dad!”

The Most Articulate Album Takedown On Pitchfork

One Step Down From Juggalos

No Matter How Talented You Are, You Will Never Have A Fraction of Our Success

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