32 Moments That Make A Day Awesome

1. When you wake up in a fit, thinking that you missed your alarm, and then look over at your clock and realize you just woke yourself up too early and can still go back to sleep for a little bit.

2. Actually having time to eat a decent breakfast in the morning, and having something really good like fruit salad or Greek yogurt with granola (the food of a true adult).

3. When you buy something delicious for yourself at the grocery store and forget about it, only to stumble on it in your cabinet and hi-five your previous self for having the foresight to buy Toaster Strudels.

4. Getting a seat on the subway and therefore not having to spend your commute pressed into some man’s armpit as the car slams to a halt at each station.

5. That ~30 minute period where the caffeine in your body is making you just alert enough to fully enjoy the day, and not that tweaky, stomach-turning feeling after you’ve had too much.

6. Knowing all day that when you go home, there is going to be a big takeout box of leftovers waiting for you.

7. Seeing a dog while out that is just really friendly and chill and okay with strangers petting it, and not one of those mean, skittish dogs where you’re just kind of like “Why do you bring this thing outside when it so clearly hates society?”

8. Passing by a public park and catching a few minutes of a basketball game going on amongst some neighbors.

9. Finding a reaction GIF that perfectly encapsulates your complex emotions about Channing Tatum’s stomach.

10. A marathon of your favorite show being on when you’re sick, which is somehow more effective than NyQuil or chicken noodle soup when it comes to healing a ravaged soul.

11. Cooking a really nice dinner for yourself, and having the time to prepare everything from scratch.

12. Encountering people who actually smile, say hello, and hold doors open — thus reaffirming your faith in humanity.

13. When you find out that the sandwich you’re eating includes avocado, which is the food equivalent of sprinkling glitter on something.

14. When your brand-new outfit is just perfect and you walk around all day like, “Yeah, that’s right, lookin’s free but touchin’s gonna cost you.”

15. Really hitting it off platonically with someone you meet and feeling the giddy high of “Ooh, potential new friend in the making.”

16. Finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly and doesn’t make you hate yourself during the trying-on process.

17. Doing a really good job at work and having your boss compliment you about it, and feeling, if only for a moment, that you can truly achieve all of your career dreams.

18. Giving up your seat for a little old lady and having her give you a big smile and ‘thank you.’

19. Falling in love with a book and letting hours go by while you’re just curled up in a ball reading it.

20. Reaching your air-conditioned destination just in time to not sweat all over yourself and arrive looking like someone poured a bucket of water over your head.

21. When it’s raining out and you have absolutely nowhere to be.

22. Having someone get your order perfectly right at the coffee shop, and making one of those adorable milk-foam hearts at the top of your drink.

23. That perfect buzz after 2-3 drinks where you’re not sloppy, but everything is just happy and you don’t run the risk of texting your ex/sobbing.

24. 25-cent wings at happy hour.

25. Doing a cannonball into the pool and splashing everyone, and then they kind of pretend-get mad, only to jump in and splash you more.

26. Hitting every green light on the way to your destination, or hitting every red one when you’re trying to send a text.

27. Reading something on the internet you agree with so intensely that you actually say “yes” and nod out loud to your computer screen.

28. Exchanging a lingering smile with an attractive stranger on public transportation.

29. Making last-minute plans and having them all fall perfectly into place with minimal effort.

30. Watching a kid throw a tantrum in a grocery store and being like, “Thank God I don’t have to deal with that,” and then maybe buying some condoms, just for good measure.

31. Getting the last slice of the pizza.

32. Going to sleep knowing that everything is done that needs to be, and that you don’t have to get up early the next morning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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