21 Worst Things About Not Living With Your Parents Anymore

1. Having to do dishes every night, for everything you eat, entirely by yourself — unless you want your kitchen to just devolve into a wobbly pile of smelly plates that you can’t bear to look at.

2. Going to the grocery store and realizing that, holy sh-t, just buying enough supplies to make a small meal each night from scratch is, like, millions of dollars.

3. Not having someone call “Dinner!” upstairs to you, only for you to run down and be met with a plate full of hot, free food.

4. No allowance to take to the candy store and get gummi bears with. :(

5. Being the only person around if the dog poops/pees on the floor, and therefor forced to clean it up and give your dog the requisite look/newspaper swat of shame.

6. Not being able to afford pets, period.

7. Having to pay for water and electricity, and therefore being aware of how long you’re in the shower, how many lights you have on, and how much time you think you can run the AC before you won’t have any money left for food.

8. No big-ass TV with unlimited cable.

9. When you get boo boos, you have to find your own band-aids and they likely don’t have Fred Flinstone/Hello Kitty on them. Also no one to kiss your scraped knee and give you a lollipop.

10. Realizing that laundry never, ever ends, it simply gets dirtier, and in bigger piles. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and if you don’t separate your whites, you’re going to end up with a bunch of blotchy pink sheets.

11. Not being able to walk downstairs and find cabinets magically filled with food, including some of your favorite snacks.

12. No one to show your crappy art projects to (and certainly no one who is obliged by blood to pretend that they’re awesome).

13. Having to tuck yourself in at night when it gets all chilly, and not being able to do that thing where the blanket gets tucked in all around you and you get all toasty like a little burrito.

14. No one to transport you to all your various daily activities, and sometimes stop by 7/11 on the way back to the house to get Slurpees.

15. Not having anyone to play Monopoly with on rainy Sundays (unless your roommates like it, but come on, playing Monopoly is a family activity — it’s pretty much in the Constitution).

16. No one to tell you to get off the internet and go outside after you’ve been on it for 48 hours straight — left to our own devices, we will pretty much melt into our chairs while we stare at YouTube videos of cats falling off of things.

17. Having to self-regulate when it comes to how much dessert you have after dinner.

18. Waking up and realizing that, if you want pancakes and sausage, you actually have to make it yourself, which is essentially the labor equivalent of building a new football stadium.

19. No longer being able to host proper sleepovers, as who in this world besides parents have a closet full of sleeping bags and flashlights?

20. Not knowing how to build a tent/tree fort, but wanting so desperately to have them (primarily to drink in).

21. Realizing that your parents are awesome people who did so much for you, and that you need to be visiting them way more than you are. TC mark

Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan founded the blog The Financial Diet. She is on Twitter.


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  • Michael Koh

    No one to hug you and tell you that everything is alright and that mommy is here.

  • lefty

    Ummmmmmm grow up. :)

    • LC

      Ouch. There’s this thing called “appreciation” that doesn’t require independence or maturity.

      • lefty

        It really sounds like she still wants to be dependant…

    • kidsmeal

      Ummmmmmm shut up. ;)

      • Sarah

        It really sounds like you don’t know how to spell…. *dependent

    • lefty

      LIKE OMG thank you SOOO much Sarah. You’re a gem.

      • Uhh


  • meg

    No 10. try tide color catchers. greatest invention ever.

  • Pau

    I LOVED THIS! Makes me miss my mommy tho :(

  • whiney much?

    seriously, grow up.

    • Alexis

      Its called nostalgia, not immaturity. I loved this; brought back memories of all the reasons why childhood can be so wonderful and safe.

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  • Brett

    this makes me uncomfortable because so many people didn’t have this growing up? I don’t know, maybe I’m just being one of those people who hates a Thought Catalog post because it doesn’t connect to me, but I feel like “21 Worst Things About Not Being a Kid” would have been better

    • http://gravatar.com/gazallea gazalle

      I completely agree. I can forget the fact that no one read this over for editing purposes but this sounds like a child complaining. I still live with my parents but I help by cooking, cleaning, groceries and paying bills. They’ve also made me do my own laundry since I was 13. I think this is a ridiculous article written by someone who just misses their spoiled life.

      • Josh

        THIS ARTICLE DOESN’T APPLY TO ME, I’M A GROWN UP WAHHH… oh sorry, what were you saying?

    • http://twitter.com/PPAguilarE Pedro Pablo Aguilar (@PPAguilarE)

      Agreed. Made me sort of think that the reasons I hated the months after college when I lived at home where because I stopped having most of these benefits long before I even left the first time, and rather enjoy getting to pay my own way and pick my own groceries. I always did the dishes, drove my sisters around as soon as I was able, did my own laundry since like age 13, family never played board games, allowance never really was enough for more than school lunch every day. This post should be titled “Things Privileged Youth Struggle With Once Their Parents Aren’t There to Pamper Them”

  • http://twitter.com/theobserving pete n pete (@theobserving)

    holy crap. how old are you? grow the hell up.

  • http://scrawleddownpaperedges.blogspot.co.uk/ Henry

    wow – so much hatred. Just enjoy the humour, guys! x

    • jelizk

      Agreed – lighten up!. It’s Friday for Christ’s sake….

  • http://twitter.com/shoshkabob Shosh (@shoshkabob)

    Sigh. Reading this made me homesick… and I’m sitting in my room in my parents’ house.

  • jelizk

    Loved this!!!

  • Hannah

    Is it just me, or do people (for the most part) only ever respond negatively to articles written by this particular writer? Why is this?

    • JC

      Because most of her articles are complete tripe. Not all, but most.

    • Leeza

      its a shame, because i genuinely enjoyed the majority of her articles. I certainly hope the nitpicking nature of the commenters won’t stop her from posting more.

    • Welp

      The way she writes makes it sound like she assumes everyone’s the exact same as her. Instead of just sharing something about her experiences that we may or may not relate to, she says “you all” or “we all” do this or that a lot. Not everyone had a childhood like this, or in another article she goes off about how “we ladies” have so many damn clothes and will spill our vodka-cranberry on it in an instant! Umm.

  • Person

    Not to be totally negative, but am I the only person whose parents didn’t drop out of a magical Disney dreamland in the skies?

    • kate

      i think we’re the only two, here.

      • H


  • ag

    2.buy in bulk
    3. significant other
    7.use a fan
    8. buy a bigass tv with unlimited cable
    9. buy hello kitty bandaids. also, significant other
    10. do laundry when you have one load
    11. buy food ????
    12.significant other
    19. kmart
    21.plane tix

    stop being lazy..if you want something GET IT theres no reason your life shouldnt as good as or better than when you were a kid

  • http://gravatar.com/maghennicole maghennicole

    I could relate to every single one of these. Keep writing.

  • Anonymous

    TC comment section is just a bunch of flaming nowadays. Could so many people really not see that this was written tongue-in-cheek? It was funny! She wasn’t being completely serious! Jesus.

  • Amanda

    I appreciate this article but I think it should be renamed “21 Worst Things About Not Being A Kid Anymore”. I’m not slamming it by any means I just think a lot of these things stop happening sometime in your teens not necessarily when you move out. It’s cute though.

  • http://twitter.com/Liv_Cole Olivia Cole (@Liv_Cole)

    My parents stopped doing 98% of this stuff when I was 8. Grow up, dude

  • katy

    This is really bad. Also a majority of the points are the same thing about food. This is just……stupid.

  • grace

    I enjoyed it, not everything applies to me, but still a chill light-hearted article to read on a tuesday.

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  • DELI

    ” the blanket gets tucked in all around you and you get all toasty like a little burrito. ” YES YES YES YES.

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