Are You Groban My Bublé?

Do you love wonderful things? Do you enjoy music that feels like butter melting over your ears, that reaffirms your faith in humanity? Do you love pretty men who sing songs that remind us the simple beauty of life, love and romance? Do you often feel torn in having to choose between Beautiful Bublé and Gorgeous Groban?

Well, worry no more. Apparently during a concert last year, Bubbles started a hilarious impersonation of Mr. G’s, umm, operatic vocals — which would have been joy enough — only to be joined on stage with Grobles himself (who then does his own adorable impression).

These two are truly the dream team of talent, charm, and almost boyish humility. Can they just have a sitcom where they have to share an apartment in Manhattan and get into all kinds of crazy antics? And it’s a musical? ABC ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? Until that show comes along, anyway, here’s a little something to swoon at. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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