Life Is Worth Living Again: The Spice Girls Musical Is Coming

All five of the original Girls are together again for the launch of their new musical Viva Forever, premiering on London’s West End this December. Aside from the near-orgasmic joy of seeing them all in the same room again (even Posh, who is well on her complete transformation into razor-sharp cyborg), there is also the promise of yet another way to enjoy their amazing music that, let’s be honest, we’ve never stopped loving. Their ecstatic, perfect morsels of pop music are undoubtedly perfect for the stage, and I can only imagine the joy resonating through musical theater nerds as they realize that a song from Spice World is now going to be considered a legitimate audition song in the very near future. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for — and between this and Les Miserables coming out this December, it feels like even if the world does end, at least we’ll be able to go out happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark



image – Shutterstock

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