My Life Is Over, The Les Miserables Trailer Is Out

Well, there it is guys, I’m pretty much done with ever trying to read, eat, sleep, achieve my dreams, or have an original thought ever again — from now until the film comes out, I just have to watch this 1 minute and 38 second piece of majesty until my eyes literally run out of tears.

Anne Hathaway, I may have doubted your acting chops in the past, but never again. Let me kiss thy feet in hopes of forgiveness for ever challenging your grace and artistic perfection. I have never gotten chills in such a short amount of time, nor felt so moved by that one passage of the song. You go, baldy, you do your thing.

Hugh Jackman — don’t let us down. This is all on you, and though you may not have that Colm Wilkinson-y yelp at the end of some of your high notes, I believe you will do this film justice. We love you.

Let’s all hold hands and cry and watch this trailer together. TC mark

image – Universal Pictures

Chelsea Fagan

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  • JEReich

    Utterly lovely.  And thank G-d that Taylor Swift was not cast as Eponine.  It would’ve ruined everything.

  • Sara

    I got chills tooo!! I’m not sure if its because I’m cold or that this doesn’t look as terrible as i thought it would.

    Hollywood is doing good lately, I thought Gatsby was going to look disastrous but it looks good to me, and now this? Win!

  • Anonymous

    GPO-fuckin-Y. I flailed like a madwoman. I suppose having had low expectations for this might’ve helped but nevertheless!

  • Diana

    au revoir world, i’ll be watching this on repeat till december

  • Jellie Dawn

    I too, am excited! No Taylor swift as Fantine. Can I get an “Amen”?

    • Joanna


  • Suze

    Oh my god yes yes yes.

  • Stacy

    Having seen the stage performance more than a handful of times, I can’t help (as manically excited as I am) feeling a twinge of worry about the vocal music.  I suppose I’ll have to do some looking up on the actors to get their music backgrounds, and I’m sure any fears will be put to rest.  No matter what, Anne Hathaway is my HERO.

  • Caleb

    So yes, Anne Hathaway is a horrible singer and will never be a genuine musical actor in her wildest dreams. But damn me if she didn’t give me chills just the same.

    • gearygirl

      Ann isnt a bad singer. I like her!

  • Dreamsconsciously

    What the…? I didn’t know there was a new Les Misérables movie coming out. The 1998 movie is bad. This was my favorite book when I read it, and I asked for tickets to see the musical for my 16th birthday. Okay, yeah, the singing doesn’t sound amazing, people, but Les Misérables was not originally a musical. It was originally a book, and as beautiful and lovely and wonderful as the musical is (particularly with the best singers), it doesn’t compare to the novel. I’m not that particular on the musical quality as long as it’s decent. The real question is, does it convey the story? Because this is an amazing book/story. I don’t think any movie could possibly capture the depth and beauty of this novel, but I do look forward to this movie and hope it’s as good as the live musical!

    • Becca

      the book’s okay. just kinda slow at times.

  • Hooray!

    What is this blasphemy about Taylor Swift being cast as Eponine?

    • Sana

      Don’t worry, that’s not happening :) She was considered, but the role has ended up going to  Samantha Barks.

  • CL


  • Hayley

    Samantha Barks will be amazing! I saw her on stage as Eponine- it was wonderful. 

  • Danaynay

    Oh, I was so skeptical, but… well, it’s Les Misérable. And the casting is great (even if Anne Hathaway’s voice is only eh). Can’t wait for this one!

  • Alexis Baker

    Watched this at work, bad idea.

    Anyone who is familiar with the play, did you think it was funny that Eponine got ONE flash of a shot in the trailer? I hope they don’t cut her part to make Fantine and Hathaway’s bigger.

    I love that guy from My Week With Marilyn playing Marius. He’s perfect.

    Russel Crowe is also such a great choice. I am SO excited for this.

  • Gaby Matz

    I was fearful of how they would portray some songs, particularly Anne Hathaway, but after watching this, well now I can see how they’ll rather have the songs as emotional not as an opera/theatre sound.
    Still, even though I know that she is amazing from the 25th anniversary concert, I fear Samantha Barks’s performance. I mean, if Anne is singing “I Dreamed A Dream” with such raw intensity, it would be awkward to have Sam Barks belting all the notes perfectly.
    Still, I’d rather see Barks performance that Taylor Swift butchering my favourite character.

  • Tara

    I did not live until today. How can i live when we are parted? Too excited!

  • Victoria E

    Chelsea. Not to be a huge creep, but I’ve thought for a while now that you and I could be the best friends, having so much fun together (coughFoxAndTheHoundcough). I have never thought so more than at this very moment. Les Miserables is the greatest play/soundtrack/thing that has ever existed on this planet and I am so glad that you agree. I genuinely sat there and watched that trailer about 5 or 6 times when I first saw it and I’ve been listening to the original London soundtrack on repeat ever since. CAN’T. WAIT.

  • Becca

    I am so excited.This is the most excited i’ve been about christmastime in a long while. most movies now are dumb but this actually sounds like a super good movie. can’t wait!!!

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