My Life Is Over, The Les Miserables Trailer Is Out

Well, there it is guys, I’m pretty much done with ever trying to read, eat, sleep, achieve my dreams, or have an original thought ever again — from now until the film comes out, I just have to watch this 1 minute and 38 second piece of majesty until my eyes literally run out of tears.

Anne Hathaway, I may have doubted your acting chops in the past, but never again. Let me kiss thy feet in hopes of forgiveness for ever challenging your grace and artistic perfection. I have never gotten chills in such a short amount of time, nor felt so moved by that one passage of the song. You go, baldy, you do your thing.

Hugh Jackman — don’t let us down. This is all on you, and though you may not have that Colm Wilkinson-y yelp at the end of some of your high notes, I believe you will do this film justice. We love you.

Let’s all hold hands and cry and watch this trailer together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Universal Pictures

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