Gerard Depardieu Urinates In Aisle Of Packed French Flight

Gerard Depardieu, French film icon, was aboard a full flight from Paris to Dublin Tuesday evening. As the airplane headed towards the runway, Depardieu began to shout to the air hostess that he needed to use the facilities. Upon her refusal, informing him that he would have to wait “about a quarter of an hour” to use them, Depardieu began shouting, “I want to piss! I want to piss!” in front of the crowded passengers. In her attempts to assuage the actor, according to one passenger, the air hostess informed him, gently, “I’m sorry, sir, the facilities are locked, there is nothing I can do to help you right now.”

Depardieu insisted, standing up, “I cannot wait,” and proceeded to urinate all over the floor, in full view of the passengers and crew. Witnesses have stated that the actor was visibly drunk. The plane was then redirected to the terminal, evacuated, cleaned, and delayed a total of two hours. In the middle of a summer already filled with pilots’ strikes, causing widespread plane delays and cancellations, the passengers have not been hesitant to express their frustrations, coming forward to various French news outlets to air their grievances.

Though this should perhaps come as no surprise to the French, who recently voted him third in a poll of the most irritating French celebrities. Number one on the list? Their own First Lady. TC mark

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  • Michael Koh

    Wasn’t the First Lady in Woody Allen’s movie, Midnight in Paris?

  • Samie Rose

    Carla Bruni has a pretty voice, at least.

    Oh, Gerard.

    • Aja

       Eh I’ve always thought her music was fairly mediocre.  Would it get the time of day if she wasn’t Carla Bruni?  Most likely, non.

  • Fabrice

    Frenchies are douchebags (I know what I’m talking about, I’m french), it’s a non-sense to consider Depardieu as “irritating”. He’s SO great. You should see this : (if you don’t speak french, he says from himself that he is full of shit, and at the end of the video, says that “I have to go, I have to piss and I can’t wait anymore” hahaha)

    • Michael Koh

      then it was a self-promotion eh

      • Fabrice

        Héhé… I guess he may have some prostate issues :/

  • Julian Galette

    I was really hoping this wouldn’t involve him being drunk, just an asshole.

  • Gregory Costa

    Give him a break.  He’s French. 

  • Anonymous

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