Appreciate The Life You Live

Live your life with fierce grace,
Don’t carry on with a heavy heart full of hate,
Push forward into your pavilion of what is great.
Make your amends and find peace before its too late.

Don’t forget to give instead of always take.
Admit to your faults, and accept the mistakes you make.
Don’t be afraid to fall in love,
Even if it may end in heartbreak.

Do the things that make you feel free,
Whatever that may be.
Don’t only look, but remember to truly see.
And never forget to stay true to what you believe.

When you walk beneath the stars,
Always try to reach them,
I promise they aren’t that far.

If you feel like you fail when you try,
It’s okay to stop and let yourself cry,
But get up keep going,
As resilience is hard to come by.

Remember to stop and look around,
Appreciate the simple things,
Like beautiful everyday sounds.

Imprint the ones you love into your mind.
Appreciate them for things only in them you could find.
Memorize your loved ones laughter,
Don’t write off any conversations as chatter,
Trust me, you’ll regret that after.

Take time for yourself,
But make time for family above all else.
Never turn away or leave their needs on the shelf.

Adore your passions,
And never strand them,
No matter what the rations.

Be kind, and always have compassion.
Help those in need,
Give as much as you can, and bypass any greed.

If you fall down 7 times, get back up 8
Look fear in the face and conquer,
Forget what it means to be afraid.

Don’t take yourself too seriously,
Try and be a little bit lighter,
But that doesn’t mean to stop being a fighter.

Be the person you would want to look up to.
Always do the right thing,
Even if its not always the easiest to do.

When you find the person you love, fight for them.
Remember, the ones who do, are the envy of the others who only

Cherish one another with all you’ve got.

And finally, remember
We are all together under one sun.
The gift, is life. And that, we’ve already won. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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