This Is Why You Should Fight For What You Love

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Twenty20 / roid65307

There comes a time in life where a soul enlightenment shifts you. Where, for some reason, at some time, somehow; you suddenly see things in a way that defines lucidity. Suddenly, the way you saw things before seems mindless.

I do believe that this state hits most of us, at some time or another, from experience to wisdom, somehow, whether you’re on your death bed looking back, or young, full of hope and staring down a path of infinite potentiality; at some point most humanity will realize a mere few things in life. We will all realize these things that are so simple, yet so complex.

At this time you realize who matters. You realize who never mattered, who doesn’t matter, and who always will matter. The time comes when you stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t cross puddles for you. At this point, you realize who’s worth fighting for, and we all should do that. But, we should fight for the right people. We should all fight for the people who don’t love us like we are just ordinary.

We should all fight for the people who inspire us, fight for the people who better us, drive us, motivate us and teach us. Fight for the people who love us and who would fight for us as well.

There are so many people in this life to fight for, and ultimately we will all realize that we need to stop fighting for the wrong people. Stop yearning for the people who keep us down. The people we fight for should be the ones that will go to the darkest, and deepest holes for us, only to bring us back up on their shoulders. Don’t fight for the people who see you in that hole, cover it and walk away. As it was once said; “it is better to have five quarters, than a thousand pennies.”

When these realizations hit you, some are bountiful, some are miserable. But in the end, most of them tie together to create an enlightenment that is uniquely nostalgic. Love, for instance is one of the most nostalgic things and feelings on earth.

The idea of love is extremely bittersweet. The idea of pure ecstasy in love as well as romance, as well as passion is all so beautiful and endearing and it’s what we all want, it’s what we all strive for and look for at some point or another. But the crippling misery of love, is that it’s bound to decay. Whether your spark burns out, or you simply pass away… nothing lasts forever. That feeling of fear is eroding. To give yourself away, to love so much and so freely, just to lose it- is it worth it?

You’ll realize that no matter how much you love this person, or these people, that all of them will eventually, inevitably fade away. There’s something so melancholy about seeing the loss of someone or something you haven’t even lost yet.

I believe that this is why so many of us attempt to shut people out, or to shut down all together. This is when so many people build walls and try and convince themselves that they can live without being attached. But living unattached is no fulfilling way to live either. So what do we do? Do we try and suffocate what we love by grabbing on as hard as we can and try to never let it go? Do we squeeze a little tighter, hold a little longer, or try to feel even deeper?

Dylan Thomas once said “Do not go gentle into that good night, but rage. Rage against the dying of light.” And that’s simultaneously going to be where all the dreamers of the world, the hopeless romantics, or the non-believers, the gentle, the powerful, the brilliant, the weak, the angry, the passionate… We will all end up one of two ways once we feel these realizations and enlightenments.

We will either ‘go silently into the night’ and allow the things we love to be taken from us and pretend that we are okay with it or we will ‘rage against the dying of light’ and we will not accept the permanence that everything around us will somehow be gone one day.

We will fight against this and rage against this and we will love the people who deserve our love as much as we possibly can, and we will let the others who don’t deserve our love blow away with the wind.

We won’t just simply allow ourselves to detach from the things and the people that we love because we will know how depriving it would be to not feel this love and so we will fight. We will fight with belief and passion to not just let the people and things we love be taken from us, we will not allow them just to decay. We will challenge the physics of life and we will hold on a little longer, see things less dark and instead, brighter, and we will love without apologies.

We will demand that this nostalgia is no threat for us because the passionate ones of this world, will fight to find a way to keep the things and ones we love, and that way, will be undoubtedly, be infinite.

Those of us who know what’s worth living for, we will fight. We will fight for what we love and we will fight for what actually deserves our love. And, make no mistake; we will always, absolutely and unapologetically, undoubtedly, and happily, fight for the rest of our lives. Or at the very least, we will try our hardest. At the very least, forever and always… we will try. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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