When Your Relatives Ask How Your Love Life Is, And You’re Still Single

Recently I was at my grandfather’s birthday party. Quite a big one with relatives from all over, friends of family, childhood acquaintances- you get it, the whole shebang. 

So, everybody is mingling. I’m making my rounds talking to my grandparent’s friends, my aunts, my uncles etc. But by the fourth or fifth time somebody asked me about how my love life was and if I was seeing anybody, I simply got fed up.

Not because they were asking. But to the reactions I got. It went a little something like this:

“Are you seeing anybody at the moment?” and I would say “No, I’m single right now” to which every single one replied along the lines of “Well, that’s okay, you’ll find somebody, dear.” 

Hold the phone. Who said I didn’t want to be single? It made me wonder why we have this distinction between societies accepting us as more of a whole person if we have a counter part. Frankly, it’s bullshit. 

I felt like clinking my knock off champagne against a fork and making an announcement. The simple 5 words that might shock even mortify these older people! … “I want to be single.”

Yeah, I want to be single. In fact, I love being single at this point in my life. You know what else I like? Not answering to anybody. Not telling anybody where I am or who I’m with if I don’t feel like it. You know what else I like? Not having a side in bed. The middle of the bed is my side. But to top it all off, what I really like, actually- love, is being able to focus on my career, friends and family without distractions.

Am I against having a relationship? No. If somebody great came along would I date them? Yes. But am I happy being single? You bet your ass I am. I’m happy with every damn detail of being single.

I don’t need to be in a relationship to feel whole. Nor, should anybody see somebody as more whole given the fact that they “hopefully” have a partner. Here’s a simple reminder for everybody that may not understand the lone wolfs of the world but believe it or not, being alone doesn’t mean we’re lonely. 

I repeat, being alone- doesn’t mean we’re lonely. 

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