This Is Why You Should Own Up To Your Regrets

Flickr / micadew
Flickr / micadew

So often I hear people preaching that we should live our lives with no regrets. However, I disagree. I have regrets-hundreds, perhaps thousands. And so may you.

Regrets are how we learn. If you don’t regret a poor choice you made, or a mistake, the reality is that you’ll probably repeat them.

Have regrets. Own them. Forget this line of, “Live your life with no regrets”. Regret your screw-ups. Regret those missed opportunities. Regret that time you locked eyes with a person you really wanted to meet, but let them pass you on by. Go ahead and regret these things. With regret, comes knowledge. Learn from your regrets and remember them, so that you can side step the next potential window for regret.

Regrets are part of life. We don’t always make the right choices. Sometimes, we make mistakes- some big, some small. But every one of us makes them. Everybody falls down sometimes.

However, lets quit with the arrogance of pretending that your mistakes aren’t regrets because they’ve “made you who you are.”

You know what’s going to make you a better you? Having regrets, truly regretting them and never repeating them. 
Get up, dust yourself off, admit to your regrets and hone the power that comes with learning from those regrets. 

Regrets are painted as this horrible, pessimistic emotion. But it simply doesn’t have to be. Its what pushes us down the right path and leads us to the right direction. When you admit to your regret, it just may surprise you.

Some of the best and most beautiful wisdom, things and people come out of regret. Admitting to regret takes courage. But I’ve got a lot of thanks to give my regrets for pushing to make important changes. So, regrets, heres looking at you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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