5 Things You May Not Know About Depression

Flickr / Alexander Lyubavin
Flickr / Alexander Lyubavin

1. There isn’t always a reason for depression. 

While some people may endure traumatic and/or painful events and situations in their lives that lead to depression, there are just as many people who suffer from depression for no specific reason. Sometimes it may be genetic, a chemical imbalance, a pre-disposition or a mixture of several things. 

2. Not everybody who is depressed seems sad.

Society largely assumes that everybody suffering with depression is extremely sad, crying all the time or numb. Depression can present its self in several different ways but it is not always in the form of sadness, in many cases it can be a lack of motivation, ambition, or a feeling of failure. 

3. You may not be able to spot it in others.

Many people struggling with depression have a façade of happiness. They laugh like you, talk like you, push themselves to do all the social activities you do, but are actually dealing with depression behind closed doors. 

4.Depression can be embarrassing.

It can be hard to admit to having depression when so many don’t understand it or seem to have the capacity to sympathize with it. It is hard to admit when you feel like you suffer from something making you different from your peers, thus it isn’t always easy for somebody to admit to struggling with depression (or any other mental health issue for that matter). 

5.Excessive sleep and even muscle aches may be a sign of depression.

When somebody is dealing with depression it may feel better to sleep than to face the outside world. Depression is also extremely exhausting. This can take toll on your body mentally and physically. You may develop aches for no apparent reason and experience more fatigue or need to sleep simply from the effects of depression.

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