20 Things You Should Know About Yourself By The Time You’re In Your Twenties


1. Know what makes you grumpy or moody.
 It’s important to know what makes you grumpy so you can deal with it before it ruins your day. I can run on no sleep but no food is another story. If I don’t eat I turn into Cruella De Vil real quick.

2.Know what your passion(s) and hobbies are and do them often. Having passions and or hobbies are so important. If you forget to make time for them, you can get too wrapped up in your own head or somebody else’s life that you lose your center, and its important to stay centered. I can see a change in myself when I haven’t written or painted for a while and once I do. My mood and happiness immediately spikes.

3.Know what you do and do not want from a relationship. If you want somebody who’s loyal, great. If you want somebody who’s hot, great. If you want somebody with money, great. Just know what you want so you don’t spend time on something you don’t want.

4. Know where you want to be in 5 years. You don’t need to know everything right now but its good to have a goal. Thoughts become reality. So set that goal and work towards it.

5. Know your weaknesses and admit to your flaws. Humility is a virtue. This one is huge. It goes a lot further to say “I messed up, I know I messed up and I’m sorry” than to be stubborn and defensive. If you’re overly analytical, own it. Know that some may look at that as a flaw and accept that.

6. Know your strengths and own them. Everybody has strengths in different areas. If you are unbelievable at sales but are stuck in accounting I’m going to bet money not only are you miserable but you’re also not excelling. Know your strengths and work them.

7. Know what makes you feel great about yourself. Maybe it’s the gym or getting your nails done. Maybe its taking a weekend away. Maybe its saying what you are grateful for. Whatever it is, do it often. Happiness is a choice.

8. Know who your true best friends are, who your party friends are and who your acquaintances are. Don’t confuse them. I’m guilty of confusing them. Your best party friend may not be the one you share your deepest secrets to and that’s okay.

9. Know what your body needs and give it to it often. Listen to your body. If you need more sleep, get it! If you need more water, get it! If you need to see a doctor, go see one! Take care of yourself, there’s already enough stresses in your life, you don’t need to add bad health to it.

10. Know when to take a time out for yourself. It’s important to know when to take a time out for yourself and stop trying to please everybody and say yes to everyone and just r e l a x. You are number one. Treat yourself like it.

11. Know when to listen. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

12. Know when to have a voice and stand up for something you believe in.
 Stand up for what you believe in, if you disagree, go ahead and say it (just nicely and respectfully). Everybody is entitled to their own voice, utilize yours. You may teach somebody something or better yet, be taught something by expressing yourself.

13. Know that giving back is not only important, but fulfilling.
There are so many people and animals and causes in this world that need help. It’s important to do our part and give back. Bonus: You feel awesome afterwards.

14. Know your beliefs. 
Even if you have no beliefs, know “I’m atheist” or if you’re unsure but think there’s probably something else out there “ I’m agnostic”, but know where you stand.

15. Know your morals inside and out. The more you practice your morals the stronger they are. The more you practice honesty the more the little white lies stop slipping through.

16. Know your family. Ever asked your grandparents how they met? Or asked your mom what she wanted to be when she was little? Ask them. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

17. Know when to give and when to receive.
Doing things for other people is wonderful but you can’t be the only one to ever do so, or vice versa. It’s important to be equal in this sense in all relationships in your life.

18. Know when to ask for help. This is where we need to put our pride aside and ask for help. Whether that’s at work, or depression, eating disorder, relationship- whatever you need help with, don’t be afraid to ask. You’ll be surprised how many doors open to help you when you ask.

19. Know when to save and when to spend. Save your money if it needs to be saved (if you have debt, are working towards a purchase, paying bills) and when to spend your money and book yourself a relaxing vacation or buy a special somebody a gift.

20. Know that there’s only one you in the world. Make it count. Nobody else will ever think exactly like you, act exactly like you or be exactly like you. Own every single piece of yourself and practice self love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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