7 Reasons Girls Should Date A Nice Guy

Tickle Me Bokeh/ (Flickr Creative Commons)
Tickle Me Bokeh/ (Flickr Creative Commons)


The nice guy isn’t going to leave you hanging. He has enough respect for women to not play games and intentionally fuck with their heads.


When a nice guy does something romantic or cute, he means it. He isn’t doing it for show or to make up for something he’s done wrong.


The nice guy will be your best friend. He will always stick by you and have your back. You can trust the nice guy the same way you trust your girlfriends, because he’s never going to break your trust.


The nice guy is stable. His moods are stable, his emotions are stable. There are no hot and cold games. You never have to wonder what side of him you’re going to get. There is no roller coaster with him. He’s always solid.


The nice guy lets you live your life. He doesn’t try and control you or tell you what you can or cannot do. He genuinely always wants the best for you.


The nice guy builds you up. He will make you feel great about yourself. When he says nice things, he genuinely means them. If the nice guy is telling you really sweet things, you can be sure he isn’t saying the same thing to several other women.


The nice guy allows a fairly stress-free relationship. You’re never going to be caught in a cubicle crying over him at work. You’re never going to be upset that you haven’t heard a word from him in days. The nice guy might not have “game,” but he knows how to make things run smoothly.

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