7 Undeniable Signs That You're Absolutely A True Taurus

7 Undeniable Signs That You’re Absolutely A True Taurus

It’s hard to say how much I believe in astrology. I’ve always thought, “That’s some out there bullsh*t,” while reading my horoscope, yet here I am, still reading them. If there’s an unread horoscope about how my week is gonna go and what’s gonna happen in my love life, you better believe I’m reading it!

So I decided to do some research, which I haven’t done since college. I f*cking hate research, but I am totally into this astrology thing lately so I’m all about it. I want to see what all of the different Taurus traits are and compare them to mine. Could I actually call myself a “true Taurus?” Can you? Let’s find out.

1. The Stubborn Bull

We Taurus are known to be very stubborn people. I don’t know about you but I kind of like to get my way and be right, is that stubborn of me? Don’t even try to get the last word in, because I will fight you for it. I really don’t give up either. Have you ever seen a bull give up chasing that damn, red flag? Yeah, me either. Stubborn? That’s a check!

2. Sensual and Tactile

I’m a hugger. Ask me if I want to cuddle or hold hands? Always. A Taurus is all about the touch. Whether it be a friendly touch or a full out sexual kind of touch, a Taurus wants that. I want that. Five stars to sensual touch!

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3. Devoted

We are also said to be devoted people who don’t give up easily. Uhm, anyone else? If I’m in something, it’s not likely that I’ll quit. I stick it out until the end. My last relationship was on and off for years, not one of those break-ups was me. Through every hard time, I was dedicated AF and didn’t give up. I only gave up when I was forced to; reasonable, I think. Chalk up being devoted for me too.

4. Patience

I was never patient, so I thought. When it comes to food, nope. You want me to wait an hour for food? I can’t! I had a friend point out to me that I’m actually a pretty patient person. For me to stick out that relationship I was talking about and wait for this person time and time again, I had to be patient to some extent. That’s an iffy one. Give it half a star.

5. Dislike of Sudden Changes

This is one I haven’t heard of before, but while researching I found that Taurus hate sudden changes. For me, that’s so true. If someone changes plans on me last second, I get anxiety and freak out. If we are leaving at 4:15 and now it’s 4:00, my bull rears her ugly head and you don’t wanna see her come out. 100% me for this trait.

6. Do Anything for Loved Ones

A Taurus is very reliable, so when it comes to friends and family, we don’t take sh*t. If you mess with our loved ones, you better be ready to handle our wrath. I personally would do anything for the people I love. This one gets all the checks.

7. Possessive

A Taurus also carries a possessive trait. Am I possessive? Good question. I feel as if that is such a strong word with negative meaning. I wouldn’t say that I’m demanding of someone’s attention. I love getting attention, some people don’t. I can’t say I’m possessive, though. Result: nahhhh.

So with that being said, my fellow Taurus, how did you score? Are you feeling a little creeped out at how alike you are to the traits of our sign? Read your horoscope for the day, is it accurate? Who is stalking us?!

After my research and talking it through, I don’t think I can deny it. I am a true Taurus. With being stubborn, patient, and devoted, I can’t hide the bull inside anymore. F*ck with someone I love and I’ll let her out, ready to rage. A stubborn bull I am and I’ll always fight for my way!

While we may never know if we are truly the way we are because we were born during a certain time, we will continue to wonder if the stars are watching out for us. Maybe we’re just making it up in our heads and it’s a whole psychological thing. Either way, enjoy your month this Spring, Taurus and let the bull out! TC mark

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