When Two Souls Became One

I remember swinging
On the cupids bow of
Your perfect pitted peach lips
Giggling feverishly at the copious
Amounts of sunlight we drank that morning
We were drunk and dizzy pouring out
Our souls like an overturned jar of molasses

You pressed on the unhealed wounds, forcing hot, thick blood out
Speaking, dismally, of how your mother passed
Oh, and the moments you wished you would’ve savored a little more
Stumbling over your tongue as you spoke of feeling absent
As if you were comprised of missing posters
Choking up as you ran your tired hands over the days someone
Made you feel you were too much, recalling the crunching
Of your bones as they fit you into something more tolerable
Now, you must measure yourself out, carefully, so you don’t
Overshare, laugh too loud, be, make or, feel too much

Our cream sheets looked the scene of a gruesome massacre
Your eyes billowed with tears that replicated the clouds on
The day I told you, I’ve finally found a place to rest my soul.
That same day, I buried seeds in the earthy soil of your iris’

I decide to splice open my olive flesh and spill
About the occasions, I feel my abandonment issues
Creep in, crooked and distressed yet, I ask them
To sit and warm themselves by the fire of my heart
I gush about the way old lovers
Made me feel as if didn’t measure up
As if love came with terms and conditions
I weep over the ones who left me at the
Altar of my soul
The ones who abandoned me because attempting
To sort through my boundless, tender heart
Was a puzzle with too many pieces

The moon will remember the blood we spilled that night
She will forever remember how two souls became one Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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