You Are More Than You Ever Thought Yourself To Be

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More than a few times I have I felt the unbearable weight of the world pressing on my weakening shoulders. Persevering became a task that I could not physically find the energy to do. Yet each day, wearing on me more than the day before it, I smiled. It was the only form of kindness I could provide. It was the only form of kindness I knew I would like to receive. I knew I had to show strength, I could lose myself but, the world could not lose me.

If you can’t do it for yourself do it for others. Your foundation may be crumbling and you may believe, in a matter of moments, life will slip through your grasp. I promise, if you hold onto the world, it will force you to realize the worthiness you possess. It will allow you to touch as many lives as you can, assist them in realizing their worth.

Then, one day it’ll happen. The parts of you that you thought were succumbing to the tempting idea of giving up will strengthen. They’ll become so resolute you won’t realize the medal you, proudly, gained; carved with the words “You made it.” You won’t be able to recall the day that you thought you could not continue on. The world will no longer rest upon your shoulders, instead it will be beneath you, carrying you because in the time you thought you lost yourself, the world believed in you. The world refused to lose you.

I believe people are more than they think themselves to be. Whether we can comprehend it or not, we are all interconnected; intrinsically woven together to create the human race. We are strung together like constellations, falling into rhythm with those before us creating and becoming souls more extravagant than Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Sistine Chapel ceiling, Monet’s Water Lilies. You are artwork. A breathing, perpetual, ever-evolving jewel produced by the universe. We’re all made up of the same ingredients. By definition, we all possess the same abilities, it’s only a matter of unearthing it.

So, let this be your reason to persevere. Make yourself aware that you are not just a name, a face, a number, a height, a gender. You are the universe. You are art. You are worthy. Wake up every day determined to better yourself and others. Seek out the beauty of the world and in turn, you will see it in yourself. Put into the world what you wish to see out of it. Discover why you’re important and don’t settle for anyone that doesn’t agree.

Let this be your reason to believe that you are so much more than you ever thought yourself to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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