Love The People Who Have Healed

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Vero Photoart / Unsplash

Cherish the humans with incredible bouts of love in their self-cured hearts. Adore those who embrace crooked smiles, messy hair, and even messier souls. Value those people. They’ve struggled to love; they’ve invested love in so many wrong places and people who were not worthy of its pure selflessness. Unfortunately, their love was disrespected and never returned the same.

Respect those who immediately harness their attention to focus it, solely, on you. They’ve felt worthless, inconvenient and under-valued. They’ll ensure every word that escapes your lips receives immediate care and consideration. They will be as invested in your passions as you are. They will relentlessly encourage you to pursue your ambitions.

Treasure those that bring light to the world. They do not carry resent or bitterness. They simply make up for their encounter with pain, in the lives of others. They’re so heroic. They’re so tenacious. If you’d let them they’d save every sinking, solemn soul out there.

Show extreme kindness to those who put their feelings in their back pocket. Who sacrifice their emotions to aid you first. Their heart is selfless enough to love the world before it loves them. They have seen the darkness of life and wish to create light instead. We must protect such pure souls. These people deserve the whole Earth and all the compassion in it.

It’s incredible the depth of pain they’ve managed. These souls are tremendously rare. They’ve ascended from traumas most of us have not seen. They have spun tears into gold and want to deliver their message to the world around them. Every day they choose to show up; in their fullest truth with their oozing ribcage full of compassion. These souls deserve it all and nothing less.

I beg you to love the healed ones because they’ll love you with every piece they have. Please, be good to them. I promise they’re so worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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