A Letter To My Sisters

A Letter To My Sisters

Sister, I see you.

I see the way you make yourself smaller in a room full of big people. I watch the thoughts pass over you like, a full day passing with no one pausing to watch your glorious rise and set. It’s a damn shame sister.

I admire the artwork that hangs in your frame, no matter how thick or frail or in-between you feel you are. Your body is art. I see you, I see you, I see you.

Sisters, I have walked miles in your shoes. I have walked beside you when you felt despairingly alone. I didn’t have the courage to say it then but, I most definitely do now.

I want to call you out and bring your womanhood to the moonlight with brilliance and confidence. Unpack your vibrant soul from the box they’re trying to fold you into. You weren’t meant to fit the bounds of others, you were meant to grow into your person— even when you feel like you’ve grown enough, keep growing.

Channel your soul and speak when she speaks— intentionally and unafraid. Be unapologetic with your presence. The cosmos decorated your soul with her finest stars and that is nothing to ever be ashamed of.

I want you to know you are seen. You are heard. All of you astonishing women, all of you, even those of you who immediately read astonishing and thought, “She doesn’t mean me.” I absolutely mean you. Every one of you lovely women are marvelous and of absolute rarity. Especially, those of you that try to hide. I felt your same pains. I made myself so small because I was hesitant of being— being what my potential truly shaped me into. I was fearful of what every opinion would look like illustrated on my skin. I worried about being too much.

Well, I’m done living in my own shadows. I’m so aware of my presence and I won’t hide the magic it is, any longer. I want to share my spiritual expedition with you. I want to share how it feels to be a woman of immense quality and contrast.

I wish for you to love yourselves holy and without condition. Wear your war paint with irrevocable pride. Be tenacious in the face of your fears. Be confident when words drip off your tongue. Be mindful of your soul and what she inherits. Keep things you value and have the strength to allow things you don’t, to leave.

Sisters, you are beacon of hope for us, those lost and those of us found.

For those of you lost: You can’t hide anymore. You are lovely in all your chaos. You have the most intriguing and remarkable minds. You observe and have a great grasp on people, how they are why they are. You understand. You create. You know how to balance pain on a razor blade. You’re incredible. An astounding breed. So, come to terms with your awesomeness and destroy the angst.

For those of you found: All I ask, is you continue your phenomenal journey but, carry sisters with you. Bring them to grace. Bring them to worship the goddesses they are. Bring them to mercy and share how to become, how to carry the weight of being undone but, complete. Explain wholeness to them. Beg them to understand their potential thrives in them. It’s only a matter of practicing what their soul is preaching. For years, you have ignored her enchanting voice. You’ve been convinced you can’t carry out what she knows you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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