I’m Finally Done With Missing You

Rishab Lamichhane / Unsplash

You never thought you’d make it here, but you did. The day where you wake up and can face the entire day without shedding a single tear, without your heart skipping a few lonely heartbeats. The day they all tell you will come when you least expect it, it came; it’s here, so It’s okay to take a deep breath, take it all in; you deserve it.

It was a long treacherous journey. A journey so brutal that some days you were sure you wouldn’t make it out alive, but you did. Heartbreak is funny like that, we believe it’s so terrible, so awful; I mean, it is but it isn’t as life-shattering as it feels in the moment. Our minds lead us to believe we will be hurt and damaged forever, that there isn’t a cure in sight.

That’s the thing though, it doesn’t happen overnight, it doesn’t happen just one day out of the blue when you wake up and decide today will be the day either; it happens with time. Time is that magical ingredient to heal a heartbreak. Time really does heal all wounds. Time is such a complex thing from the looks and sound of it but really time is just what you make of it.

Our Memories make it hard though, they like to creep up and haunt us almost like a continuous disease that you can’t seem to get rid of. One minute you are so sure you are okay, so sure you can do this, and the next moment you are standing at that park, on that bridge where it all began, and your cheeks are streaked with unstoppable tears.

Or that song, you know the one, the one that was YOUR song, together, comes on the radio and your stomach flip-flops in uncertainty, and you fight back the tears or you don’t.

But in order to let time cure you, you have to let yourself heal. To do that you must let all the pain in, as unbearable as that sounds, you have to feel it, every single brutal inch of pain you can scrape from the bottoms of your broken heart. Let yourself feel it; Really feel it, mourn it, so that you can finally move on.

Eventually, it does get better as cliche as that saying is. You wake up and that song comes on the radio and your heart doesn’t sink into the bottomless pits of your stomach anymore. You drive by that park, the place you first met and it doesn’t feel like you’re going to be sick anymore.

Because time really does heal all wounds and you’re stronger than you think. TC mark

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