It’s Okay To Have Your Own Definition Of Love

Love is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s written about in books, shown on TV, and played through our favorite songs. For some people, love is an inevitable experience. For others, love is a luxury they can’t afford to miss.

We fall into it, cherish it, and share it with others. It is something that everyone wants and all of us deserve. For me, love is a thing that we must choose every day, and it is okay to have your own definition of love.

Love can be as simple as sending a sweet good morning message to a special someone, yet it can also be as deep as crossing oceans and moving mountains. It can be as easy as complimenting their looks today and as hard as choosing whether to let them go or stay.

Love is a complex and powerful emotion, and you should never feel bad for having your own definition of love. It is normal to have your standards, to be clear about what you want and to know what your heart truly desires.

We may not be in a fairytale, and we may not find someone perfect, but we can find the right one that fits us perfectly.

You are not supposed to settle if someone else’s way of love is different than yours. You are not supposed to settle if you don’t feel understood, valued, and respected. You are not supposed to settle if you are seeking something better, because there’s nothing wrong with finding a person who will understand you and your love language.

Love can be expressed in different ways, and it is not being fussy to be firm on what you believe you are worthy of. It’s okay if you want someone who will go to parties with you on a Friday night. It’s fine if you love to spend your Sundays with a good coffee fix and pancakes with the one you are dating. If that is what love means to you, then hold on to it.

Your kind of love might not make it into those magical movie scenes or romantic novels, but it’s your love. It could be both comforting and chaotic, but it’s your own kind of love, so don’t let anything or anyone change your perspective on it.

You have to realize that society’s standard of love does not have to be your standard of love. You don’t have to love the way your friend loves. You don’t have to love based on how the internet defines it.

Your way of love is one of a kind. Don’t hold back. Love without boundaries; love without a doubt. At the end of the day, It’s a matter of what makes your heart flutter and what makes you feel at home.

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