To The Parents Who Will Always Be Their Children’s Best Friends

It is no secret that being a parent is the most fulfilling, yet most difficult job in the world. Though there are overprotective parents who implement rules for everything, there are also the cool ones who make children learn that everything is negotiable with pleasing words.

Having cool parents is like owning a limited edition product that not all of us may have. In today’s generation, most youngsters consider themselves lucky for having cool parents who support them with their desires. But just like the old-fashioned parenting, they only want the best for their children, too.

Being cool parents means being fun, having a great sense of humor, and being friends with their children without giving up their role as an authority figure.

It’s all about becoming the parent that a child needs them to be, while being the source of happiness and encouragement as well.

So, while we still have a chance, why don’t we give thanks to these awesome parents?

To all the cool parents, thank you.

For letting your children try new things that will develop their skills and talents.

For learning your children’s favorite game and enjoy quality time with them.

For staying up-to-date with music so you can jam along with them.

For telling them the right words they need to hear.

For being their best listener when no one else will.

For letting them make mistakes and learn from it.

For allowing your children express themselves without judging.

For reminding them that it is okay to fail sometimes and take that as a challenge to nail it next time.

For giving constructive criticism that helps your children to become a better version of themselves.

For trusting your children’s words and believing they can stand with it.

For celebrating every success and staying with them in defeat.

For guiding them to make life decisions and be happy with whatever it may be.

And most importantly, for being your child’s best friends.

To my cool and amazing parents, thank you.

Thank you for letting me pursue the things I am interested in. You have always been a believer of my capability and made me realize that there’s nothing I can’t do as long as I believe in myself.

Thank you for letting me explore the unknown. For the adventures, for the places, we have visited, for the movies we have seen, and for the wonderful memories, which made it one for the books.

Thank you for trusting me. For allowing me to have fun with my friends knowing that I won’t do anything stupid. For cooking a hot soup the next day to cure my hangover from last night’s party. (With a few sentences of threat if I overdrink again.)

Thank you for allowing me to be transparent about my feelings. You have always been a good listener. It became easier for me to confide my emotions and tell my rants whenever I needed it.

Thank you for understanding me in times when I don’t understand myself. Life in 20’s is a life full of adjustments, surprises, and struggle. You taught me to think critically and become wise in finding solutions to every problem I encounter.

Thank you for setting a good example to me. You have told me some of your mistakes when you were young – to prevent me from doing the same mistakes again. You have shown me how life should be enjoyed but warns me that everything has its limitations.

Most of all, Thank you for your unconditional love. I know for sure that whatever happens, this kind of love will never fade and something to be counted on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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