The Best Things Take Time, So Be Patient With Yourself

Plan. Scribble your thoughts, goals and dreams. Be vivid, visualize your accomplishments and feel the taste of success. Motivate yourself and fearlessly hope. Embrace the possibilities with full of enthusiasm and idealism but at the same time be brave enough to face that things will not always be in your favor. Half of the events that will happen along the way will depend on chances. The universe will not conspire for you but your accomplishments will be sweeter after being frustrated, wounded and broken. Tell yourself that you, like most of the items on your list, are still a work in progress. Some dreams will not be accomplished, some will be happily crossed out and some will just become plainly irrelevant as you go along the way. Do not worry. Your journey is not a one-track road.

Breathe. Well, this will be tough considering each time you log in to your Facebook account, other people’s perfect life will be staring at you. You will start to ask yourself “What have I been doing?” every time you see your friends get married and climb their way up to promotion. You will feel stuck and aimless as you try to figure out what you want in life. Flow. Look past your Instagram and Facebook envy. Appreciate each flaw, triumph, and failure. Every person has a different timeline. Give yourself a pat in the back because despite of being overworked and underpaid, you have mastered the art of making ends meet.

Be patient. Don not be too hard on yourself. The hardest things in life is finding your niche, passion, and love. Life is a constant ebb and flow. It is supposed to be a struggle where in the end, all ends will eventually cut loose. Your moment of bliss is within reach. Know that sometimes, you have to be in the wrong place and gasp for air as people bark at you. Stones will be thrown and you will start to doubt yourself but you will get to pick up the pieces anyway. Life is not all about the race. I once believed that I was ahead of the pack only to find out that I am falling way behind the game. Life will have a funny way of knocking you out. Laugh. There is a certain relief in knowing that some things are not meant to be. Some doors may have shut for you but be grateful that better doors will be opening. Each experience will give you a dose of reality and the much needed humility. And as you go past the vultures who try to rain on your parade, you will realize that you are now a stronger person. 

Respect your pace. God created seasons in your life. You may be in a rut and stuck as you eat your cold pizza or you may be on top having the time of your life. The point is you will eventually find your place. Enjoy your youth. Dance to your own beat, you may be out of tune but you’ll find your groove. It may not be now but have faith, you will get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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