The Whores Of Instagram

Shutterstock / Forewer
Shutterstock / Forewer

Who are the whores of Instagram? You see them everyday. They’re all over your feed. Darkening your Facebook. Intruding on your timeline. You’re picturing them right now. Or not them so much as their pictures. The images of themselves that they want you to see. You’re not actually picturing them. You don’t really know them. Even if you do.

But the question you should be asking isn’t who are they but what are they. Because who only matters in the context of what. A person only matters to you if you respect what they are. Who is the image that comes out of the what. You can’t be a who without a what.

So what are these people? These people who are not famous, they’re not bloggers, they don’t make their living from a lifestyle they represent, they are not photographers or working in fashion, but they post like they do. You know them. They’re the ones that post more pictures of themselves then pictures of the people in their life. Their the people that have close ups of their shoes, selfies at the gym, down-shots of their outfits, face shots for no apparent reason. They are just regular people, posting like they’re not.

From simple deductive reasoning, it would be true to assume that what people post on Instagram is what they care about. If you look at my Instagram it’s mostly full of pictures from my traveling, my friends, my dog, and sometimes food (if I’m ever so bold, which I’m usually not). Every so often (and more that I’ve been in Europe) I’ll post a selfie, but usually it’s in the name of whatever is behind me or whatever I’m doing, such as standing in front of a canal in Amsterdam or drinking Gluhwein at a Christmas Market in Germany. It’s in the name of something I love. Traveling, drinking Gluhwein, etc.

The point of this is to make the simple observation, from more simple deductive reasoning that the people who are posting more pictures of themselves than anything else, means that these people care more about themselves than anything else. By that definition what would we call these people then? What are they? These people are selfish, they are insecure, and they lack integrity. They care more about strangers believing an image then they do about what they’re actually doing. Their self-value and worth hangs on the number of likes and comments they get, and how clever their caption is, then how they live their life and how they treat other people. They lack integrity to decide that what they post isn’t as important as how they live.

And it is from these simple observations and deductions that you as a real person, who looks at these peoples’ Instagram and feels inadequate, should not. When you see people who look happier then you, who seem more confident then you, whose images’ suggest a more perfect life than yours, you should understand that isn’t true (solely regarding Instagram pictures). In reality, these people are the people that are struggling. These people are the people that need to maybe take a look in the mirror, instead of a camera lens. Everyone struggles. Everyone feels inadequate. Everyone feels lonely and sad and like they’re not doing enough. And the people who look the least like it, are generally the ones that are struggling the most.

The whores of Instagram are the ones that really need help. They care about how people see them more than they care about other people. They care about creating an image of themselves that looks better than who they actually are. They feel shitty about their life and need the approval of other people to feel better. And you, who are sitting, wondering about your life, are way closer to a truly happy life then they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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