25 Little Things To Remember When You Need Something To Hold On To

1. You are beyond worthy of this existence. You are beyond enough. Worthy was never a question you needed to ask.

2. Life is short—much shorter than we think. If you want to appreciate the miracle of life, you have to be willing to take big risks.

3. Every day, every hour, every second is a chance to start over. It is a chance to re-design your life and show up as a better and more authentic version of yourself.

4. The most beautiful parts of a person are never physical, so never chase physical beauty because that is given. Always chase laughter, confidence, curiosity, and wisdom—chase all the beautiful things that bloom inside.

5. It’s the little things that make life big: a good book, a strong cup of coffee, the wind blowing through your hair, the company of someone you love, a good home cooked meal.

6. Laughter adds the most joy to life, so laugh often and laugh always.

7. No one has all the answers, so don’t stress because we are ALL just making things up as we go.

8. You can never convince someone to love you if they don’t. Love should flow freely in both directions, and it should create a hurricane of joy deep in the valleys of your heart. Your heart should swell with bliss not pain, so if it feels like a battlefield —the love is wrong.

9. The universe is a direct reflection of you. If you want to be happy, you must believe in happiness. If you want to experience love, you have to fill your thoughts with abundance. What you receive is a reflection of what you believe, so always give the world what you endeavour to receive, and you will receive it.

10. You are never responsible for what other people choose to do to you, but you are responsible for forgiving yourself for once accepting less than you deserve.

11. Life is not a straight line. It is a roller coaster of intense highs and soul-crushing lows. So if happiness fades and pain comes, be patient and happiness will come again because everything in life comes full circle.

12. Everything that happens doesn’t necessarily have a reason, but it does hold meaning. Every experience contains a lesson, you only have to be willing to see it and accept it.

13. Comparison is the thief of joy. The amount of money in your bank account will never increase or decrease your worth. Someone else’s beauty does not make you any less beautiful. The number of followers you have on Instagram does not determine your merit. Having fewer possessions than the next person will never determine your worthiness in this world. So focus on you. Focus on all the love and abundance you already possess because true happiness is never determined by anything external or material.

14. If something steals your joy or diminishes your inner light, it is not meant for you.

15. You are enough on your own. You don’t need another person to complete you, and you certainly don’t need to find your better half because you are already whole.

16. Romantic relationships aren’t meant to fix us or heal our wounds. Romantic partnerships are meant to show us what we need to heal and resolve in ourselves.

17. Courage is the secret to freedom and success. However, true courage is not defined by the absence of fear or worry. No, true courage is being afraid and saying, “I’m going to step forward and do it anyways”.

18. Your purpose first and foremost is just to be here— to be present. It’s that simple.

19. Life is not social media, it is not texting, it is not your job, it is not what you own, it is not the dollar sign in your bank account, and it is definitely not the labels on your clothing. One day your heart will stop beating and none of those things will matter.

20. Life isn’t supposed to make sense all the time. It’s perfectly ok to feel lost, and it’s ok to feel sad and confused. There is no light without darkness and no growth without pain, so take a deep breath because everything is going to be okay.

21. Nature is the best medicine. If you want to heal, then go into nature—reconnect to your roots, feel more present in your body, and let your mind decompress. Nature always has the power to remind you how simple and beautiful life can truly be.

22. All things, even the worst, are ephemeral.

23. Broken hearts can beat again.

24. Some of life’s most valuable lessons come from losing things instead of having them. So be thankful for every heartbreak, every breakdown, every missed opportunity, and every failure. One day soon you will see that everything you have lost has set you free.

25. Your job is to create a life that makes you happy, that’s all!

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