Let Me Tell You Something About Love

woman standing beside tree
Inna Lesyk / Unsplash

Let me tell you something about love…

There is so much more to life than spending all your time searching for someone who will want you, or chasing after someone that doesn’t make an effort to be present in your life. Trust me when I say that being alone doesn’t have to feel awful and lonely. There is so much beauty to be discovered in the world, and so much time to be spent discovering the exquisite joys of solitude, the intricacies of your soul, and the beauty of true freedom.

Yes, romantic love is beautiful, but the universe isn’t going to collapse and the world is not going to end if you haven’t found the right person yet. And love is all around, in fact, you are and will always be the love that you are searching for in this world. All the love you need is flowing through your veins and waiting deep in the valleys of your heart.

So stop chasing love, and start chasing your dreams, your goals, and your happiness. Go on solo adventures, dress up for yourself, take yourself on dates, sit by the ocean and watch the waves kiss the shoreline, drink coffee in your housecoat, smile as you watch the sky fill with the most beautiful hues of red and peach— do what makes your soul smile. Learn to be alone and enjoy your own company; learn to chase your own freedom; learn to fall in love with who you are. Become a complete being that isn’t defined by someone else. Do everything with love in your heart, but please don’t become fixated on the fairy-tale ending and think that you can’t survive on your own, or that you will be miserable without another person to complete you. Complete yourself because you dear one are enough.

Live for yourself and build a life that makes YOU excited to wake up every morning. If you find someone that fits into the life you have created and shares your greatest dreams and desires, then consider yourself lucky. But if you never find that person, then please know that there is no reason why life cannot be just as beautiful and filled with love—I promise you that it can! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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