The Secret His Wife Will Never Know

Millenials are very much about entitlement. I am entitled to my rights, I am entitled to make my own choices and have my own preferences, I am entitled to choose the way I live. Most importantly, we feel entitled to challenge the status quo, to push the boundaries in life, as we chant – you only live once.

I’m not sure if we only live once, I guess we do, but do we really challenge ourselves that much? Or do we challenge ourselves in areas that are “socially acceptable” for the lack of a better phrase.

Sex is a delicate topic still in our lives, but an important one. It’s a coherent part of any relationship, it’s the area that is subject to immense scrutiny and attention by society, and unsurprisingly, it is the reproductive activity that created us ultimately. Are we pushing the boundaries in sex or are we passing more judgement as we go by?

Is it wrong to cheat on another person’s partner?

Man or woman, gay or straight, have you tried anal sex? How about fisting?

Have you kissed someone of the same sex? How about making love?

Why have we created boundaries for ourselves and limited the areas that we could explore further and self develop?

Or.. Does this all give you a profound feeling of disgust whilst reading this article and thinking through the questions that I have posed?

A man is getting married tomorrow. He is marrying a beautiful girl Mary, who he met 2 years ago. He knows that he is bisexual, his lovely wife will never know. I know, simply because we had a relationship, a relationship no one knows about. He would come over and hang out, we would kiss and make love. We would ‘cheat’ on our respective partners and probably will continue to do so post his wedding.

Does he love her? Yes, from the bottom of his heart.

Does he love me too? I don’t think so, but we have each other. We have each other because we share our “dirty” little secret which the world can never find out, cause the world is not ready for it.

Can a successful marriage prevail with monogamy? I don’t know, but I know it’s not a definite ‘no’.

We have to question how far this generation have come and how much potential it has to change our world. Unfortunately we are intelligent beings, who are built to judge on a daily basis.

Judge what is right or wrong, and determine the actions in our lives. We celebrated Pride just a week or so ago, and we are all prideful to be part of it. I’m still skeptical on whether our society, our generation has come far enough to justify the pride it has for itself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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