Don’t Give Up When Loving Him Gets Hard

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You want to give him the world. You want to support him. You want to give him everything he has always deserved. But there’s one problem… he doesn’t see you that way. How are you supposed to give him your all when he doesn’t see your worth? You aren’t. You sit back and let him live his life. You focus on yourself. You focus on building your empire for you. Then one day, hopefully things change and you two come back together for drinks one night and something happens. That spark you both felt? That turns into a burning passion of love. That butterfly feeling you both felt? That turns into the whole damn zoo. I hope one day, the person you wish the world for, I hope they notice your caring heart. Your undeniable happiness. Your faithful soul. You two may be friends while they live their life. That is 100% okay. Don’t be discouraged to pursue them while friendzoned. You don’t have to be friendzoned forever. That can easily change. With one simple kiss on the cheek. With one simple hug. With one simple phone call. All you gotta do is push that damn button. Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of faith. Have faith in the connection you two share. Always be on his side. Don’t ever waiver in the waiting period of friendships if you like that friend. Always trust that one day it will work out. Friend zones are funny. One minute I’m hating the position because we deserve to be more than friends. “Just friends” with someone you adore? It’s my own personal hell. I just believe that one day I’ll get out of the friend zone and be able to show the guy the royalty that he truly is. I just keep the belief, the faith and the patience. It may hurt emotionally, but it’s worth it. It will be one day. Just don’t give up on his sweet, adorable self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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