When You Meet The Right Person, Don’t Be Afraid To Wait For Them

A man and woman holding hands together and looking into each other's eyes.
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Why would you wait for someone? Perhaps the reason is you love them. Perhaps the reason is you have faith. Perhaps you believe in the power of waiting. “What’s the power of waiting?” is what skeptics may ask you… Well, your answer should be this next phrase. “Waiting proves that you’ll always be there for that someone. It proves that you meant what you said. It proves that you can handle that someone walking away time after time. It proves that your heart is purely ready for that someone. It proves that you are faithful. It proves that the someone does not notice your worth. Your heart of gold is waiting. Like my friend Kayla once said, Maybe your someone is only capable of seeing Bronze, while you have a heart made of pure gold. Waiting for your certain someone proves that you truly love them. Waiting for your someone proves that you see their worth.” Waiting proves that the certain someone, will never, ever find someone like you. Who would wait for someone? It takes a true heart to smile while they see their certain someone with someone else that is not yourself. You keep your focus on your someone because without the focus on them, you don’t know where to turn. You see their worth and that is why you wait. They are WORTH WAITING FOR. Just because they don’t see what’s in front of them (right now), that does not mean they never will. They might see it a year from now or ten years from now. Point is, never give up on your someone. Please stay true to your heart of gold and give every piece of yourself to that certain someone. When they feel like no one is in their corner, they will remember you. Just because your certain someone gave up on you, do not give up on them. You waiting for your someone shows how much you care for that certain someone. Don’t give up on them. Build your empire, inspired by your someone, to show them that you’ll always have them in your mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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